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Big announcement from iEARN! Their next conference and summit will be taking place next July in Virginia!... https://t.co/ypEKfRmxGK
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Great news! This will be taking place in Virginia! 2018 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit Announcement… https://t.co/C0cGsOdnsB
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RT @EmpaticoOrg: In honor of #IEW2017, join 250+ other classrooms in teaching students to #SparkEmpathy: https://t.co/eG4BzaL0gw
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RT @TeamSolutionsU: Us: Here are free solutions stories and resources that #teachers and #students can use in classrooms. You: Are you seri…
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Global Competence Certificate (GCC) courses are designed specifically for in-service educators who are interested in embedding global learning into their teaching practice, and preparing their students for the global reality beyond the classroom. 

One of our most popular courses, Poverty, helps teachers explore the causes and experience of global poverty, analyze successes and failures in mitigating it, and review sources and modalities for teaching about it.

By the end of this course, you will:

  1. Know who is poor in the world today..

  2. Understand why extreme poverty exists.

  3. Recognize what needs to be done, on multiple levels, to address economic inequality in the world today.

  4. Understand how different players in the international development community seek to effect change.  

  5. Know the basics (who, why, what, how) of poverty in the United States.

  6. Understand the larger power dynamics underpinning inequality in the world today.  

  7. Recognize why poverty matters in a larger global context; and be able place extreme poverty in relation to other global issues and events.  

  8. Leave with an appreciation of the complexity underlying this important issue and a sense of humility about the limitations of what we can know and do; and yet still feel comfortable engaging in conversations and teaching about poverty from a place of confidence.

Register today!

For more information contact Connie Rensink at connie@worldsavvy.org

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