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I would like to participate in projects related to connecting educators and classrooms as well as discuss and share ideas about projects and examples with other teachers/institutions.

I teach English as EFL, ESL and ESP for pre-teens, teens and adults.

At regular schools, I teach English to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

I am very interested in starting a language and culture connection with your students through email and skype. 

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I am a Brazilian educator, living in Wisconsin for over 15 years.

I am the Lower School Head at University Lake School.

We would like to know more about your goals.

We have a Second Grade group researching about Brazil.

Take care,


Hi Adriana,

My goal is to have at least some of my students engaged in projects in a meaningful way by working together with other students abroad. In your case, they could help by answering questions and providing any other data, information you or your students may request.

Of course, it would be great if they start their own research, too. But if they are able to help you out, then I would say we have accomplish our goal!

What do you think?


Hi, Luciano.

I understand the goal, but we would need to narrow it down in a way that makes sense to your school and to our school.

If I am not mistaken, your school year will soon be over and then you will start a new one sometime in February/March.

Are you proposing that we create a questionnaire so kids can learn about each other?

Are you looking for any age or hoping to pair students in the same grade/age group?


Hi, Adriana,

Since you said your group is researching about Brazil, I thought some students here would be glad to answer any questions yours might have regarding that. For example, many students here wonder how a typical school day works there in the US (timetables, assignments, grading etc.)

- Learning about each other is a good option to start, too. They could make their own questionnaires as a group or even individually.


Sounds great!

Is that OK if they are much younger than your kids?

Oh... and speaking of countries and languages... I guess... nós podemos escrever em Português!

Eu sou do Rio.


Not at all, I think students here will be happy to participate.

Sim, podemos escrever em Português, também.

By the way, devemos continuar os arranjos aqui mesmo ou via e-mail diretamente? 

- Poderíamos elaborar uma pequena apresentação geral sobre nós e nossos alunos e depois disso eles apresentariam (enviariam) os questionários uns aos outros?

Finalmente, poderíamos fazer um encontro virtual ao vivo se os horários e dias permitirem...

Adriana Hollenbeck

Adriana Hollenbeck
Lower School Head

4024 Nagawicka Road
PO Box 290, Hartland, WI  53029

If you are interested in participating in a World Peace Song music project, let me know and I will give you the link to the Facebook group page.


Yes, I would like to know more about that project, please.

Thank you,


A group of students around the world learn to sing the World Peace Song composed by the Woman of the World.  I will give you the facebook page link so you can see the project.https://www.facebook.com/groups/741169739394984/

Thank you.

We have requested to join.


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