What I learned from 3 Global Education Conference Sessions


Session Title: Prepare Practice Produce Present / By: Paulino Brener

This presentation has been an open invitation to try and establish Collaboration (Focus) Groups among teachers and students as well. It focuses on the fact that modern technology can serve as a tool to create opportunities to connect with peers and exchange ideas. The presenter showed a brief overview of the use of Google+ Hangouts (to create a virtual room to connect with people all over the world) and Google+ Communities (to join different communities according to our interest). In short, the 4 Ps is really an important step in our professional development.

Session Title: Helping Learners Develop Personal Learning Networks / By: Dr. Bernard Bull

What is worth considering is the concept that Learning organizations’ role should not be giving knowledge but rather equipping the learners to learn. The teacher’s role is to help the students to be more self-directed learners. The learners have to take the initiative to opt for self-directed learning when face-to-face learning seems unsatisfactory. This could be achievable through student Personal Learning Network (PLN). Global collaboration online is required for students and teachers have to build their personal online teaching network.

Session Title: Learning English Grammar By Writing / By: Paul Hartman

It is important to notice that writing skills develop the ability to communicate with people. Reading and Listening enhance incidental learning whereas through Writing and Speaking, the learners create their answers and what they want to communicate. presents interactive grammar for students. It is a valuable tool for effective education in a globalized language learning. In short, Quill endorses the approach of learning English grammar by writing.

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