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RT @elemenous: Hey fourth-grade teachers! This teacher wants to connect you to teachers in her school! Take a look at this #Flipgrid. http…
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RT @elemenous: Fifth-grade teachers! This teacher is looking to connect with other fifth grade teachers on topics related to African myths…
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RT @QFIntl: Here are some great ways foreign language teachers can develop global lessons in their classrooms! Have any to add? Reply to us…
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Educators, find out about this project involving tooth traditions around the world from Silvia Tolisano! https://t.co/zazriROSL8
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Richard Close & Joni Schwartz shared some appalling stats during their Techniques on How to Handle Poverty presentation.  It is truly shocking to find out how much our educational system is failing young black men, that children in poverty are facing educational trauma and that our educational system is literally pushing these students out the school door.  As Richard stated up front, "something is really broken".  Reminds me of Jane McGonigal's line "reality is broken."  Richard and Joni both demonstrated that there are pockets of hope and things that work, but challenge us all to figure out how we are going to "reverse the damage we've caused."

This conference keeps leading me back again and again to the idea that we've got to empower young people to take back their education.  Richard showed how technology is really making that happen for kids in the "I am Africa, this is my story..." project as they figure out "flash learning" and realize through online collaboration that they are not alone.  While Joni has shown that it really just takes one solid mentor to re-engage an educationally traumatized youth in learning.

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Comment by Colinda Kram on November 18, 2011 at 12:30pm

Can somwone tell me how to schedule Louder than a bomb in my college?

Comment by Lucy Gray on November 18, 2011 at 8:51am

I  wish I had gotten to Richard's presentation this year. I will definitely watch the archive. I believe people were moved to tears by his session last year!

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