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It's been a little while since I have blogged anything, but it has been a very busy time for me on a couple of fronts.

Something I've been grappling with has been the future of the Writers' Club. The community has been more successful than I ever could have imagined. It began as an offshoot for work I was doing for Castlemaine North Primary School, known locally asThe North School, which is where the address comes from.

However, the hosting plan for is somewhat limited in terms of its ability to cater for one thousand writers. I needed to make a decision as to whether I was going to downsize the community or aim higher and take it to the next level. I chose the latter, and registered the site

This site has a more generous hosting plan, and will enable me to create communities not just for writers, but for any global learning. Importantly, it will enable the Writers' Club to grow and evolve. Rather than shifting the existing community to, I have created a twin community, ready for population, at I intend to launch the community at tomorrow's Global Education Conference.

Any new schools signing up will go to this new site. The more appropriate web address as well as the extra space should be more appealing to new schools. Schools currently using's site can continue to do so indefinitely; schools that wish to move over to the new site can email me at writersclub@theglobalschool.netand I will recreate the accounts within the new community.

There will be one significant difference between the new community and the old. After much thought, I have decided to deactivate the option for students to use private messaging. My concern is that much of the activity that occurs on the site is in the form of private messaging, which doesn't add to the community as a whole, while adding much to the demands of keeping an eye on the site. While private messages are monitored, and that should disuade students from using the feature inappropriately, I feel that the message isn't being absorbed by the students themselves, leading to some unfortunate use by students. Members will still be able to public message other members.

If you'd like to join us on the new site, once again, we're looking for members. Join us.


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Comment by Rob Sbaglia on January 18, 2013 at 5:30pm

Thanks Anupam! We hope to have your students involved soon!

Comment by Anupam on January 18, 2013 at 12:51pm
Hello Rob, I hope that your site brings together many students globally to learn and share through writing, which means real understanding can be cultivated well.I would love to have my students blogging and writing too.

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