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eTwinning and Lifelong Learning Programme Projects

November 13, 2012 we presented live session at free and online week-long, world-wide 2012 Conference during International Education Week.
Presentation: eTwinning and Lifelong Learning Programme projects
Language: Russian
Presenters: Grazina Likpetriene (Arts Teacher, Lithuania), Vladimir Mosijenko (Russian/English language teacher, Slovakia), Larisa Tichonova (Russian language teacher, Lithuania), Parvana Pirieva (English language teacher, Azerbaijan)

The platform: Blackboard Collaborate (formerly known as Elluminate)


 Grazina Likpetriene (Arts Teacher, eTwinning ambassador, Lithuania) 


Vladimir Mosijenko (Russian/English language teacher, Slovakia)


Tanja Gvozdeva (Culture history and animation teacher, Latvia)


 Larisa Tichonova (Russian language teacher, Lithuania)


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