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Effective Fundraising through Facebook Page (Donate Now option)

Fundraising is one of the most challenging task for non profits. Most of the non profits use different conventional methods to collect fund from donor or individuals. Although Non Profits works for social cause but it is true that asking for donation is a little bit uncomfortable task. Especially it is hardly possible to convince the people to listen about the cause and make donation. It takes more time, cost and experienced professionals to do the task. For small Non Profits, it is almost…


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Cultural Exchange

As my first blog, I am interested in connecting with teachers who would like their students to participate in a cultural exchange. My student are looking at the problems in the current public education system and making proposals on the local level to help better that system. As part of their research, they are being asked to do a smaller project called "A Day in the Life of a Student from..." As we are looking at many systems of education, we felt it important to go abroad for answers. I am…


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Free edtech - Who needs an online collaboration studio?

I am a member of a team that has developed a user-friendly, web-based recording and collaboration studio called Soundtrap. It has been appreciated by hundreds of schools around the world, for music education and production, for making podcasts etc

One reason for being popular, except that it is easy to use, is that it can be used for free. Most features, including a video chat, are available free of charge. 

Soundtrap was…


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 Thank you for inviting me. But I am not able to participate in GCE via Blackboard.

That is why I am submitting the link to my resource here, for those interested in Stalinism. <==  Free online book  "Hell on Earth"

  Share it with all who might be interested.

  Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D. (see…


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Participa libre de costo en las videoconferencias organizadas por ReVE-NIIF, RIDUCA, FIConta y RENIA.


EL FIConta (Foro Iberoamericano de Contabilidad), la RENIA (Red de Estudio de las NIA), la Red Virtual …


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Looking for teachers to partake in a research study!

A research group, led by Dr. Curtis Bonk, from the School of Education at Indiana University is interested in learning about how primary and secondary teachers are using collaborative technologies in their instruction to address global and multicultural education. At this time, the research team is reaching out to educators involved in global education projects, resources, and initiatives like TakingITGlobal (TIG), iEARN, ePals,…


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hi am mr.ram bhise assistant professor of communication skills working at saraswati college of engineering ,kharghar,new mumbai.i like the conference very much it was wonderful experience for me

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my first post


I'm very thankfull for was accepted in this team.I'm History teacher in a High school from Romania.  It is my first post, and i just say hello. to all

Added by Antonia Silaghi on January 5, 2015 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

Thank you

I am realy glad to be a part of this envirenment,.. that i discovered since i got my master degree in technologies & education. i am happy to be able to assist and benefite from the assistance of great poeple arround the word here, all together concentrated and motivated about what would be next in the world of education. the varialbles in and actions to go. this reflect a very incredible sens of sharing and responsability... thank you everyone. am such greatful!

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first experience with The Global Education Conference

This is my first experience with The Global Education Conference.and i have searched for such website which can improve my skills and let me contact with expert peoples.since im working in the desert and i cant reach the specialized centers for training.

I found attending this on line conference very useful for me .and i will inform my colleges to participate . 

Thanks for being such a valuable resource to us and a worth remembering experience!

I attended the…


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Artist residency in Ghana August 17 - August 31, 2015

Cross Cultural Collaborative brings people from different cultures together to interact creatively and strongly believes in mentoring young African artists.

Our August residency is open to 10 people who are interested in cultural exchange and collaboration with African artists.

Participants will live…


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Keynote: Kathleen Schwille

I really enjoyed Keynote Speaker, Kathleen Schwille's presentation on GeoEducation: Preparation for Life in an Interconnected World.   It is so true that Global competence is "vital for 21st Century business".   I feel that educators cannot do enough to prepare our students with skills that they will need in the near future, skills such as "geographic literacy".   I appreciated learning about resources and free online learning for teachers!  

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Applause for student presenters - Global Education Conference 2014

The recent Global Education Conference (totally online for 5 full days, totally free) had a number of student-led and student-centred presentations. What a great experience for these students to present to a global audience, and what a unique opportunity for the audience to hear from the students about their global…


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Global Ed Conference 2014 - A vew from Kansas

Once again, GEC offered more fascinating sessions than I had the time to absorb!  I was lucky that bot the opening Welcome and the Closing Wrap-Up were held at a time that worked well for me such that I felt that I was present for "the whole thing". 

It would be difficult to pick a favorite session but high on my list would be the opening keynote by Christie Vilsack on "Developing Partnerships".  I found it exciting and inspirational to learn of the many ways that US AID is engaged…


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Global Buddy – Lessons From a Student-run Initiative to Connect Schools

First of all I would like to thanks to organizing committee who organized a big event in very well manners. I have attended the session delivered by Dylan. it was wonderful session. I leant a lot about how students can establish communication through video conferences and how they can success in their aims. overall The Global Education conference is a blessings for all of us who cannot attend the conferences physically. it is a great platform for us to share not only our experience…


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Global Education Conference 2014

From the 17th to 21st November I participated in an amazing educational event called Global Education Conference. Even though this was the fifth such conference it was the first time for me. These are the ten sessions I participated in:

1.School on the Cloud

2.Develop your students' global IQ

3.Creating a global classroom

4.Speechcraft online: Connecting the Speakers Globally

5.Connecting Students to Language and Culture through a Culture Cafe  -MAD Day from…


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My Presentation success and challenges

Hi Everyone,

It was indeed a great learning experience for me to participate in Global Education Conference 2014 and present my work. I really appreciated the efforts of other members too for their work and presentations.

My presentation topic " INTRODUCE PBL IN YOUR TEACHING TO MAKE YOUR STUDENT A GLOBAL CITIZEN" was really appreciated by Educators of USA and India and some educators from other parts of the world. I really learned a lot of new things during my training session…


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Felicitaciones por este gran Evento

Mi Saludo

Fue un gran placer compartir experiencias académicas de diferentes regiones del mundo con diversos niveles educativos (incluyendo niñas expositoras, que lo hicieron muy bien). Todo ello, nos permitirá realizar los ajustes necesarios en nuestros contextos de trabajo docente. Además, la…


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Global Experience and Global Friendship


I am Glad That I  able to join this year. All the sessions that I joined enlightened my thinking. I had never thought about skype  connected lessons before. The session That  students present with their teacher was impressive. Thank you Lucy Gray and Steve Horgadon . Now I know that I have at least 1000 teacher friend all around the world try to teach in a better way to touch one more life to make future brighter for the world. Thank you all:))

Added by TUBA DUNDAR on November 25, 2014 at 5:30pm — No Comments

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