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Platform for promotion of studies in the Social Sciences (PEESS)

Hello everyone,

my name is Seydy Ibrahima LY I am Professor of history geography in Dakar in Senegal. I am a project partners have existing platform for promotion of studies in social sciences (PEESS), which adopts an interdisciplinary approach. I find very interesting iearn. Thanks to everyone. For more information, please visit our group facebook in french cordially.

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World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest

Back by popular demand, the World of 7 Billion student video contest can help you bring technology and creativity into your high school science and environmental education classes.

The contest challenges your students to create a short (60 seconds or less) video illustrating the connection between world population growth and one of three global challenges dealing with either the sixth mass extinction, a…

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Keys to be English teachers in the 21st century

What are the 21st century skills that English teachers should incorporate? What are the keys to being English teachers in this century? What is the value contribution of ‘Our World’, ‘Welcome to our World’ and ‘Explore Our World’ Series that National Geographic Learning offers to teachers and children at the primary level of education? Interview with Dr. Joan Kang Shin in occasion of her…


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Education for Transition Toward a Global Society: A K-8 Social Science Framework

This research led to approval by the Chilean Ministry of Education as a curriculum framework for an English Immersion School in Southern Chile. The research and pilot project will be highlighted within the upcoming Global Education Conference. The time block is: Tuesday, November 18, 5pm PST (GMT-7)

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RENIA: Red de Estudio de las Normas Internacionales de Auditoría -Grupo Virtual Iberoamericano.

FIConta (Foro Iberoamericano de Contabilidad) invita a la comunidad contable Iberoamericana, especialmente a los interesados en la Auditoría de Estados Financieros y las Normas Internacionales de Auditoria -NIAs, a unirse a este Grupo de alcance Iberoamericano aglutinado…


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4 Must Have Tools for Creating

(This post first appeared on my WJUEdTech Blog. Visit it here.)

Let’s face it. Most of us like stories. Everyone has a story to tell and there are so many ways to tell a story. Sometimes it’s fun to imagine a story in your head. I guess that’s why it’s often difficult to put a good book down!

We also know its important to have students be innovative and creative.…


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WeWrite2connect Global writing project

Join our global writing project for students aged 6 years through to 18 years of age. The semester 2 competition will be launched in August this year. Global%20English%20Writing%20Competition%20-%20Secondary%202014.pdf - This is an example of the semester 1 competition that has just…


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Learning Design

It is time to COMPLETELY change the design and process for school & educational institutions.

Not curriculum, not teachers..

but QUESTIONS.. that need answering


& Learning Specialists + Experts who are willing to share information with eager minds.

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Why is Global Education so Important? Let the Globe Respond

This question is often raised. The 'collective' or 'networked' brain is a powerful element but when it is a 'global' brain even more so. A full range of perceptions, experiences and thoughts can be brain stormed, discussed and shared and provide an amazing resource. The following question was raised at the 2013 conference by Steve Hargadon and look at the amazing responses from the global brain! Participants in this session brainstormed on the whiteboard and the chat.

(Please note…


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Give a Push to Your Career with a Master’s In Engineering

If you are a working engineer with a bachelor’s degree  or have just passed out of college the thought of pursuing a masters education in engineering must have come to your mind some or the other time. Here are few advantages that will make you definitely pursue a Masters in engineering.    

Education is the way to gain success in every field and when it comes to engineering, Bachelor’s in Technology or Engineering is an…


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World of 7 Billion Video Contest Winners Announced!

Over 900 high school students from the U.S., Canada, and abroad took part in the “World of 7 Billion” video contest hosted by the Education Program at Population Connection. Students were challenged to create a 60 second video that illustrates the connection between world population at 7 billion and one of three topics: climate change, global poverty, and water sustainability. Videos went through three rounds of judging with the final round being determined by a panel of volunteer judges –…


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Looking for Jobs in the GCC? Learn Arabic to Jump the Long Queue

College degrees are definitely ticket to a high paying job, but it is not the only thing you need to crack a job interview. There is one more important factor that takes you up to the career ladder and that is your communication skill. When you are looking for a job in the Gulf countries, it becomes…


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eTwinning - Sports Cup

Administrator: Grazina Likpetriene (Radviliskis Art school, Lithuania)

Co-presenter: Vladimír Mosijenko ( ZŠ Pri Podlužianke 6, Levice, Slovakia)


1. My school and best school sport team (volleyball) (fragment of school anthem in lithuanian)

Presenter:  Rusnė Stumbraitė (Pupils aged 15-17 years old)

2. We love sports and dancing (ppt.…


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eTwinning: creativity and innovation through collaboration

Administrator:  Grazina Likpetriene (Radviliskis Art school (Lithuania)

Co-Presenter Names:  Vladimir Mosijenko (Slovakia),Tanja Gvozdeva (Latvia), Larisa Tichonova (Lithuania)


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Europa

Language in Which You Will Present: Russian, English

Target Audience(s): Administrators interested in school…


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Invitación al "I Foro Virtual Internacional sobre Auditoría Moderna de Estados Financieros".

El Foro Iberoamericano de Contabilidad -FIConta  y la Red Virtual de Estudio de las NIIF -ReVE-NIIF,  invitan a la comunidad internacional de las áreas contable y auditoría, tanto…


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Making Better World : Digital Citizenship Resources for K-12

I was very much impressed with the presentation by Kelly Mendoza on 28th March through online

School Leadership Summit 2014 - about the Digital Citizenship Resources for K-12 available through  . I went through this site explored and found it is really useful for the present generation and they made ever useful required material available for educators parents and students.

I want to…


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EduTone’s Cloud-based Platform Enhances Global Education Spectrum

In mobile learning, cloud…


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It is worthy to know and understand the fact that education is the greatest and the most vital tool that will enable anyone to excel in life in this present world of ours,it is the only legacy one should try very hard to live for his or her children.So as to enable them to excel in life and be able to stand the test of time and be able to stand shoulder high among their equals.This is why in my opinion I believe Education Is a very Vital tool.…


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Dear Teachers/ Students

We are a beautiful class here in Africa ( specifically, the beautiful and peaceful country Ghana). As part of our global learning curriculum we have a number of projects that might interest you.

Just Outside Our Windows:

A Look at Communities Around the World. - We would like to share views of our communities with classrooms around the world, and exchange information about what makes each of our…


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