We are partnering with Chrome Warrior and using their gamification platform to provide an enhanced professional development experience for Global Education Conference attendees.

  1. Here is a player's guide to getting started with Chrome Warrior. Please read it thoroughly if you are considering playing. 
  2. Visit and sign up with your Google account.
  3. Make sure to click on the button that says Play GEC Connect.
  4. Three are three missions: 1) GEC Connections 2) GEC Sessions and 3) GEC Explorations. 
  5. You choose the activities you want to complete in addition to four required activities.
  6. If you reach a total of 300 points, you will be eligible for a special digital badge and a personalized certificate of participation from the GEC.

Julia Francis of Chrome Warrior will be doing two sessions at this year's conference if you'd like to learn more. Consult the schedule!

Chrome Warrior is an online professional development application that uses gamification to engage teachers or administrators to acquire new skills and experience. By providing a fun, competitive environment for to track PD, Chrome Warrior helps teachers gain knowledge in a self-paced, choice driven manner that they can then apply in their classroom. Chrome Warrior allows districts to select from an existing game pedagogy as is, customize one for the unique needs of the district or design a game from scratch. 

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