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Conference Kudos

2013 Conference Compliments:

  • This is the event of the year where educators worldwide can come together to inspire and be inspired.
    -Torsten Otto
    Hamburg, Germany
  • The conference allows educators around the world to become part of the story and fabric of who we are as human beings.
    -Lori Zataveski
    Delran, New Jersey, USA
  • It's a fascinating learning journey; it enables to connect and share experiences that will inspire educators all over the world!
    -Ikram Eseghir
    Kenitra, Morocco
  • The conference is one the best things ever to happen to individuals who want to develop their capacity in research, teaching and learning. It saves one the time, money and other resources that would have been spent to travel abroad for a conference of international status.
    -David O.
  • Great piece of work...if we had more teachers taking up such ideas, the world would be a transformed place to live in full of geniuses. Love it all.
    -Ibrahim Bahati
    Kampala, Uganda
  • It offers the world's educators huge opportunities to learn from each other and to improve their daily practices.If two heads are better than one, then how about thousands of heads?
    -Abdeljallal Elhariri
    Agadir, Morocco
  • The conference was indeed enriching. The use of this technology to connect with others ourside of our school to inspire them to rise to the challenge of understanding and taking a stand to support indivduals that are homeless is commendable. I am proud of these students and the dedication, preparation and research they have displayed throughout the cycle of the project and beyond.
    -Lenora Scott
    Riverdale, Maryland, USA
  • A great opportunity to share outstanding ideas with other online participants and new connections and friends made for future online communication and collaborative problem solving with teachers and students! Invaluable experience! Thanks!
    -Mark Wickens
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • Just when I thought I heard everything -- new doors opened -- hundreds of new ideas flooded through, and once again, I probably will not sleep tonight as my mind recalls all that I have learned and replays it over and over as I attempt to drift off to sleep so I will be refreshed for early morning sessions!
    -Cookie Schultz
    Orlando, Florida, USA
    It is an honor to be among these globally connected teachers. I am humbled and incredibly motivated all at the same time!
    -Heidi Hutchison
    Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • The conference has broadened my vision as a teacher educator.
    -Sebastian Panakal
    Cochin, India
  • Love the Global Education concept and the fact that teachers are sharing with each other around the world.
    -Rich Cantrell
    San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Most impressive, proactive and reflective on the trends and paths of learning that each global teacher must know.
    -Ibrahim Bahati
    Kampala, Uganda
  • A very unique way to share experiences and perspectives on education with people from all over the world without barriers.
    -Paulina Borja
    New York City, USA
  • The power of networks and community is exemplified here. What a way to spread learning and models among passionate educators around the world.
    Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Amazing experience. Amazed at how much work and how many things can be achieved when we connect.
    -Maria Colussa
  • I am always blown-away by the fact that there are so many of us at this conference from around the globe that share several common goals. This gives me hope for the future! It's uplifting. Thank you to all that make this conference a reality.
    -Lorena Martinez
    Brownsville, Texas, USA
  • This is one of the most valuable virtual conferences I've been too, especially learning about emerging technologies and applying ideas to other projects I'm doing.
    -Marie-Ella Williams
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Great sharing of innovative learning ideas - and wonderful to connect with educators from around the globe!!
    -Dr. Eva Malisius
    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Fantastic. I thought I would be going through withdrawal since the Rabini Trust did not sponsor the International Bahai SED Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA this year, but this conference has not only filled my "void" for education and networking, but kindled the flame of learning and teaching in my heart! Can't wait to tell my friends about this wonderful conference.
    -Cookie Schultz
    Orlando, Florida, USA
  • GEC is the most real, vibrant and alive virtual experience.
    -Claudia Popescu
    Brasov, Romania
  • Inspiring, motivating, and a great opportunity to learn from teachers all over the world.
    -Ana Espinar
    Ribarroja, Spain
  • Love the ability to learn on my time.
    Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA
  • I have found this one of the best conferences I have attended this year.
    Bantry, Ireland

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