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#eTwinning friends! We hope that you'll check out the Great Global Project Grant! Challenge
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2015 Recordings

As conference sessions conclude, the links below will begin to take you to the recordings. No results for a link could indicate the session has not been held yet, the recording has not processed yet, or the session was cancelled. The first recordings to appear will be the full Blackboard Collaborate recordings -- in a few days the .mp3 and .mp4 recordings will then appear.

Check out the GlobalEdCon Keynote sessions on YouTube.

Listings are alphabetical by the last name of the primary presenter. Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search.

Mohammad Dayem Adnan. / Shameer Nawaz Khan RECORDING Connecting student communities around the world into one collaboration.
Imani Akin, Ed.D. RECORDING Preparing Teachers for Instructional Best Practices Within an Evolving Digital Society
Meredith Allen, Instructional Technology Consultant RECORDING The Universal Language of Music: Composed, Shared and Celebrated Between Classrooms Across the World
Samantha Ayap / Dianne Padilla RECORDING #FitFam: Promoting a Healthier World
Marouane El Baida, An English Teacher IV / Ahmed Alalou, Safae Dehbi and Soufiane Lomari RECORDING Increasing Moroccan ACCESS & STEAM Students' Interest in STEM by Empowering Teachers Through Building PLNs: Moroccan "ACCESS-STEAMMISTS" as an Example
Dr. Betsy Bannier, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics / Johnnie C Bannier, Jr., MS, CPA RECORDING Low-Context Delivery, High-Context Classroom: Meeting the Challenges of the Global Classroom
Gerardo Barillas, Maestro; Ramon Zetina, Coordinador de Programa; Miguel Barreto, Facilitador / Ramon Zetina, Miguel Barreto RECORDING ArtLink en el Bosque Tropical Lluvioso de Guatemala
Ms. Angelica Bartolome / Mr. Carl Biong RECORDING Why study abroad?
Kathy Beck, Instructional Technology Coordinator RECORDING Go and Smell the Roses 2015
Kathy Beck, Instructional Technology Coordinator RECORDING Global Google Mapping
Patricia Betancourt, Técnico Especialista Educación / Katherine Sussman RECORDING Educación Pre-Básica en Honduras: Experiencia de Integración Aflatot al Currículo Nacional
Dr. Mirzi L. Betasolo RECORDING LInking Colleagues, Researchers, Industries and Investments Today
Dr. Mirzi L. Betasolo RECORDING Culture-Educational Paradigm Shift Framework Approach
Dr. Kristen Betts, Clinical Professor / Dr. Cyndi Rickards & Jennifer Johnson Kebea RECORDING Developing Community Based Learning & Anchor Strategy to Support Transferable 21st Century Skills with College Graduates
Mali Bickley: Collaboration Specialist RECORDING TakingITGlobal: Global Environmental Programs and Projects
Mali Bickley: Collaboration Specialist / Jeanne Meyers RECORDING The My Hero Project: Celebrating Heros in Classrooms
Mali Bickley: Collaboration Specialist / Jeanne Meyers RECORDING The My Hero Project: Teachers Resources to Support Your Projects
Cate Biggs, Adjunct Professor / Jeanne Rewa and Nirvani Budhram, World Savvy RECORDING Poverty as a Lens to Global Competence
Andreea Bordeianu, SEHS Global Initiatives Program Coordinator RECORDING Global Competencies for Teachers and Professional Development
Nicolle Boujaber-Diederichs, iEARN USA Master Trainer and Project Facilitator; Chris Stevens Youth Network (CSYN) Facilitator, Social Studies Teacher / Said Belgra, iEARN Morocco (invited) Asma Albriki, iEARN Oman (invited) RECORDING My Identity, Your Identity Culture Project: Global Online Collaboration in Action
Tracy Brady, French and Spanish Teacher; Past President Language Educators of Central New York / Tracy Brady RECORDING Global Collaborations: World Language and STEM
Jenna Broadbent, Community Director Kidnected World / Tasi Young, Meridian School RECORDING How to Embrace the Wonder of Global Learning Without Completely Messing with Your World
Dr. Mechelle Bryson, Executive Director / Ms. Maru Busico-Flight RECORDING Authentic International Mindedness In Action
Kim Caise, NBCT, M.Ed. / Kim Caise RECORDING Connecting Classrooms via Global Collaborative Projects
Rose-anne Camilleri RECORDING Global education and interculturality in eTwinning
Julie Carey, Founder / Caree Edson, Co-Founder RECORDING Write Our World - Multicultural eBooks by Kids for Kids (PROBLEM WITH CONNECTION)
Julie Carey, Founder / Caree Edson, Co-Founder RECORDING Write Our World - Multicultural eBooks by Kids for Kids (NEW VERSION)
Athalo Carrão – EFL Teacher RECORDING Natural Wonders – Engaging students through global video conferencing about nature
Mrs Fabiana Casella RECORDING Once You Global, There Is No Coming Back
Therese Casem / Kristine Mae Aguirre RECORDING What's So Special: Learning the Basics and Creating Global Awareness in Special Education
Megan Chabalowski, Program Officer RECORDING Teach Peace: Developing Youth's Knowledge and Skills for a Globalized World
Rachel Chasse-Assistant Director of Global Education for the World Affairs Council-Washington, DC / Amanda Stamp-Director of Global Education for the World Affairs Council-Washington, DC RECORDING Bringing the World to the Classroom: The Importance of Global Competencies
Wai Chum / Priscila Bellini & Abeedah Diab RECORDING Refugee Story Circle
Kelly Clark RECORDING Keynote: Kentucky Goes Global
Richard C Close CEO - Servant RECORDING Methods for Poverty Transformation in Instructional Design
Richard C Close CEO - Servant RECORDING How to Leverage Global Content in Localized Instructional Design
Julia Coburn, WorldVuze Co-Founder RECORDING Global education technology for an inquiry-based classroom
Erica Coutrim RECORDING Technology as a possibility to value language teaching profession: yes, there is a choice!
Dr. Sherry R. Crow, Associate Professor of School Library Science / Dr. Lisa Kastello RECORDING Looking at Cultural Differences in Motivating Students to Seek Information: U.S., Uganda, and India
Maria José de Leon, Education Consultant / Valentina Pernett; Nathalia Khayat; Daniel Pier Education Consultants RECORDING The Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN): Activities and Tools for the Teaching Profession in the Americas
Amy Eguchi, Associate Professor of Education RECORDING Promoting Global STEM through Educational Robotics Competition (RoboCupJunior)
Isabelle Ereñeta, Education Specialist / Marlene Floresca, Reading Project Officer RECORDING Implementing the Enhancing Reading through Identity and Cultural Heritage (ENRICH) Project
Mtro. Psaumis Escobedo Delgado / psaumis escobedo delgado RECORDING Educación Tradicional VS Educación Online
Charles Fadel, Chairman / Maya Bialik RECORDING Education Time Warp in an Age of Exponential Technologies: What should students learn for the 21st century?
Anne Farrell, Run This Way school program volunteer manager RECORDING Engaging student with Real World projects - the refugees crisis
Svetlana Filiatrieu, Ph.d / Richard A. Reo, Instructional Designer RECORDING Crafting Global Learning Outcomes for Teaching the Ideals of Global Citizenship
Eliane Fitzé / Galina Pokhmelkina, Elena Merzlyakova RECORDING Dialogue Culture in Education
Anne Fox RECORDING Making the most of the cultural resources in the adult ed classroom
Ann C. Gaudino, Ed.D., Founder and Editor RECORDING International Clinical Placements
Terry Godwaldt, Director of Programming RECORDING Global Encounters: Connecting Classrooms to Address the World's Great Challenges
Glenna Gustafson, Associate Professor / Patricia Talbot RECORDING Getting Started in Global Education
Henry Harboe and Ritesh Mishra RECORDING Keynote
Travis Hardy, Program Manager / Travis Hardy RECORDING Global Partners Junior: Community Engagement with a Global Lens
Jeff Harlan, Co-Founder and Director of The Dream Flag Project / Abby Jones RECORDING The Dream Flag Project--Connecting Dreams and Friends Across Cultures
Mrs. Maha Hassan RECORDING Hot Teaching Spots
Meriem El Hilali / Catherine Cartier RECORDING Keynote: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Exchange
Ginger Heller RECORDING Shift Thinking of Middle School Students Who Come With Low Expectations About Their Ability to Learn: An introduction to the world at large, to the difficulties and the similarities of young people
Jennifer Hogan, Assistant Principal RECORDING Creating a school culture and climate that supports and promotes global classroom collaboration
Gord Holden M.Ed - Director of Immersive Technology RECORDING Blended Learning Using 3D Interactive Learning Environments
Teri Horton, Director of College Writing & Instructional Effectiveness Specialist RECORDING You Want Me to Teach Global Context in My Courses Now, Too? How Teaching With a Global Perspective Increases Curiosity and Engagement with the World Outside US Borders.
Rob Howard - Founder RECORDING EFLtalks. Teachers Teaching Teachers Worldwide. A Project with a Vision.
Matthew Hughes, Manager, Global Education Programs / Chelsea Ducatte RECORDING Connecting Classrooms Worldwide for Cultural Understanding
Paul Hurteau, Executive Director RECORDING K-12 Global Art Exchange w/ Electronic Follow Up
Kayce Jennings RECORDING Keynote
Carlos S. Huerta Jimenez - USMEXFUSION Executive Director / Jennifer L. Granger MA RECORDING Simulating the practice of a foreign language at work through the Open-Access Languages at Work through Drama Method (LWD)
Carlos S. Huerta Jimenez - USMEXFUSION Executive Director / Jennifer L. Granger MA RECORDING Comprehensively Internationalizing the campus with the Open-Access System for Comprehensive Internationalization Si3
Carlos S. Huerta Jimenez - USMEXFUSION Executive Director / Jennifer L. Granger MA RECORDING Empowering Students through the Open-Access Teaching Method Students Empowered (STEMP)
Lorena Jiménez / Lorena Jimenez RECORDING Conversión de un docente tradicional a un tutor de educación virtual
Dr. Michael O. Johnston, Assistant Professor of Sociology RECORDING The International and Study Abroad Experience: Mixing Pot or Salad Bowl
Chris Jones, director / Edina Malkic RECORDING COMMUNITY SCHOOLS - model of resposive school in the fast changining environment
Dr Kate Sutton Jones RECORDING Fostering Global Competency in an International School in Mongolia
Eamonn Jooste, COO of Global Buddy RECORDING Sustaining Global Buddies
Margarita Kalyuzhna, teacher RECORDING Transform Learning Enviroment Together
Julie Keane, Head of Research; / Emily Liebtag, Manager of Programs and Services, Dorothy Bennett, Director of Creative Pedagogy RECORDING Noticing Tools - Watch how they work in a global classroom
Ned Kirsch RECORDING Keynote
Steven J. Klees, Professor of International Education Policy / Carol Anne Spreen RECORDING A Critical Look at the World Bank and Education
Jim Knight RECORDING Keynote: Rise of the Global Teacher
Michael Lai, Student Outreach Lead, North America / Marielle van der Meer, Managing Director, Europe and the Middle East RECORDING Can College Prepare You to Be a Global Citizen?
Maureen Lamb, Latin Teacher RECORDING Latin Literature for 21st Century: Ideas and Tools for an Interactive Learning Environment
Heidi Larson, Project Advisor / Brian Kantt, Jungmin Lee, Dan Eder, Kenneth Hagberg RECORDING Mobile Learning for Adult English Learners (ESL Students) - Expanding the Classroom Boundaries
Jean Lee RECORDING Keynote
Ms. Wynzleen Lee RECORDING Overcoming the Barriers that Come with Varying Social Classes
Cathy Leogrande, Ph.D. Associate Professor / Cynthia Choi RECORDING Where in the World is Media Literacy Education?
Julie Lindsay RECORDING The Global Educator
Julie Lindsay and Katie Grubb RECORDING Keynote
Grace Y. Ling / Mei-Yan Lu RECORDING From students’ perspectives: Engaging teenagers in learning via social media while gaining global viewpoints and more
Ioana Literat, Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design RECORDING Crowdsourcing Educational Projects on a Global Scale: From Research to Practice
Paul Loranger RECORDING Developing creative problem solving within a global context
Erica Magnusson, Content Analyst, TES RECORDING Global Content, Local Lessons: Discover new strategies for creating interactive blended lessons with content created by teachers around the world through TES and Blendspace.
Dr. Brad Maguth, Associate Professor RECORDING Possibilities & Pitfalls: The State of Global Education
Ryan Makhani, M. Ed RECORDING A Global Shift in Mindset: How to develop innovative leaders?
Kristin Maksymec, Advanced Learning Facilitator RECORDING Building a Community of Problem-Solvers
Marymount / StuTech RECORDING Keynote
Jacob D. Matlock RECORDING Educating in the Ego of ID: The Role of Perceived Identity in Symbolic Politics
Olena Merzliakova, doctoral candidate RECORDING Dialogue Culture in Education
Ann Michaelsen RECORDING Keynote: Creating a Truly Global Classroom
Wendy Milette, Director of Media Arts Education / Wendy Jewell RECORDING Becoming more active citizens of the world with MY HERO!
Laura Miller, Social Studies Teacher RECORDING Using Diplomacy and Current Events to Build a Fluid Global Curriculum
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING The Global Connected Educator
Anne Mirtschin / Session participants RECORDING Tools and Apps for the Global Educator
Tami Moehring - Content Provider Liaison / Jan Zanetis RECORDING Global Classroom Collaboration Penpals-Lifelong Lessons
Federico Monaco PhD / Federica Cassi, Andreia Silva, Ruchika Roroa, Alannah Fitzgerald, Fabrizio Terzi, Tim De Winter RECORDING Parent_to_Parent community of practice
Jessica Morrow - Language Arts Teacher / Mary Ivory RECORDING Changing the Course: 21st Century Learning Design and Implementation
Dana Mortenson RECORDING Keynote
Tonya Muro, Ed.D., Director of School Outreach and Educational Partnerships / Sarah Lorya RECORDING AFS-USA's Intercultural Learning eTool: Culture Trek: Classroom Connections
Katie Mussachio, English/High School Master Teacher RECORDING Around the World in 60 Minutes: Connecting students around the globe
Kae Novak, Instructional Designer / Farah Bennani, Chris Luchs, Sherry Jones RECORDING So You Think You Can Tweet Multiple Languages?
Isabella Nuñez ‘17, Azaria Segall ‘18, Students / Dr. Susan Carrese, Faculty Advisor, Toni Olivieri-Barton, Library Technology Educator RECORDING Why Develop a Student-Run Global Affairs Forum?
Nikolette Grace A. Ojerio, Exploring Global Learning Opportunities / Moira Velicaria RECORDING Exploring Global Learning Opportunities
Mr. Rhett Oldham RECORDING Taking the Mystery Skype to the Next Level
Toni Olivieri-Barton, Library Technology Educator / Robyn Thiessen, Matt McGuire, Donna Roman, Lisa Parisi, Maire O’Keefe, Emily Roth RECORDING Our Global Friendships
Toni Olivieri-Barton, Library Technology Educator / Sheri Williams and Amy Jambor RECORDING Global Collaboration Ideas from Flat Connections
Dr. Veena Paliwal, Assistant Professor RECORDING Mathematics instruction for students across the world
Lisa Parisi, GT Teacher, PLTW Teacher Trainer RECORDING Going Global within your Curriculum
Anisha Ismail Patel, M.Ed, Founder & Chief Education Officer / N/A RECORDING Developing Religious Literacy in Schools: A Must to Nurture Global Citizenship
Rachel Patton / Brad Weinstein RECORDING Global Collaboration in Student-Led Learning
Angela Kristel Pelagio / Dominique Rayco RECORDING The youth, the community, and the planet
Valentina Pernett, Consultora en Educación / María José de León; Nathalia Khayat; Daniel Pier, Consultores en Educación RECORDING La Red Interamericana de Educación Docente (RIED): Actividades y Herramientas para la Profesión Docente en las Américas
Craig Perrier, High School Social Studies Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools & History Adjunct, Northeastern University RECORDING Globalizing US History: How to do It!
Susan Jacques Pierson Assistant Professor of Education / Allison Gardner and Jin Lee RECORDING Teaching and Learning with Adult English Language Learners: Computer Mediation and Cultural Competence
Will Piper and Pedrio Aparicio RECORDING Keynote: Engaging Learning Beyond Borders
PhD Galina Pokhmelkina / Eliane Fitzé, Elena Merzlyakova RECORDING Dialogue Culture in Education
Dave Potter / Dr. Emily Schell RECORDING Going Global in the Golden State: A Conversation with Dr. Emily Schell
Raymond Pun RECORDING Mapping Out G.I.S. Day Globally and Collaboratively: Enhancing Geospatial Literacy Through Open Access Tools
Victoria J. M. Quindara / Christian A. Bustamante RECORDING My Language, Your Language: Teaching and Learning Unfamiliar Scientific Terms In Filipino
Tania Rashid, Global Education Administrator RECORDING Take Your Classroom Global
Alicia Rescigno RECORDING Developing Effective Digital Cross-Cultural Exchanges
Katja Riikonen, Ph.D. Senior Officer – Training & Facilitation RECORDING Globalizing Curriculum for Real-World Impact: Lessons from Virtual Exchange
Mary Risner, Associate Director of Outreach / Jennifer Manise RECORDING Global Connections in a Pre-Service Teacher Education Course
Gonzalo Andrés Rodríguez Arrieta - Docente Universitario RECORDING Red de Aprendizaje Virtual Relacionados a la Administración, Que une la comunidad universitaria y secundaria
Alana Rome, English Teacher / Alana Rome RECORDING Authentic Assessments for Global Awareness
Julio Aviles Romero RECORDING Ambientes de Motivación para el aprendizaje
Kimberly Rouse, Technology Resource Teacher / Monique Howley, Media Specialist RECORDING Project Based Skyping
Daniel Sadowsky, Assistant Director of Education / Kelly Procida RECORDING You Can Bring UNICEF to the Classroom ... Whenever, for Free!
Sajimol Sajeev, Dance Teacher RECORDING Social Networking Homes to Green with Love
Zaman Sajid (PhD Student) RECORDING How to develop global competence within a classroom - a KIP approach
Mr. Ihab Salameh / Ms. Hiba Ibrahim RECORDING Cross-cultural Exchange: Building Leadership and 21st Century Skills
M.Ed Estuardo Salazar Gini RECORDING La Medicion de la Calidad Educativa y la Acreditacion
Agnieszka Salter Instructional Technology Coach / Agnieszka Salter RECORDING World Beyond Your Classroom (Virtual Field Trips, Hangouts, and Connected Classroom)
Larisa Schelkin RECORDING Partnering with schools in Massachusetts on global STEM projects
Larisa Schelkin, CEO and Founder RECORDING Global STEM Classroom®: Going Global with STEM education
Kelsey Catherine Schmitz, PhD Education content specialist / Vanessa Chaperlin, Educational Content Manager RECORDING Diverse digital education for diverse global learners
Noel Schroeder, Deputy Director, Advocacy and Capacity Building RECORDING The Power of Women’s and Girls’ Voices for Education Policy Change: Part II: Effective Messaging on Global Education
Noel Schroeder, Deputy Director, Advocacy and Capacity Building / Hendrina Doroba, Executive Director, FAWE RECORDING The Power of Women's and Girls' Voices for Education Policy Change: Part I: Lessons from Collective Global Advocacy
Noel Schroeder, Deputy Director, Advocacy and Capacity Building / Jillian Holzer, Director, Change Champions RECORDING How to be an Equitable Education Champion: Lessons for Everyday Activists
Janet Sedgley, Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator RECORDING How creating accessible electronic course materials improves internationalization
Rylan Sekiguchi, Curriculum Specialist RECORDING Divided Memories: Comparing History Textbooks in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States
Profesora. Alba Silvana Salica / Profesora. Cristina Romero RECORDING Plataforma educativa virtual para reducir brechas entre docentes y alumnos
Carolyn Skibba & Mary Morgan Ryan RECORDING Keynote
Dr. Terry K. Smith RECORDING The Global Monster Project: K-6 Experiential Collaboration
Brittany Spatz, Teacher RECORDING Lessons from Denmark: Trends in Education, Technology Integration and their Global Implications
Vance Stevens, EFL instructor RECORDING Why online teacher trainers should know about cMOOCs
William Stewart, Program Coordinator / iEARN-USA RECORDING Connecting Students Abroad with Students at Home: Bringing Virtual Exchange into Physical Exchanges
Kay Stokes- Alidu, Associate Professor, International Business Studies RECORDING Teachers Matter Everywhere: Professional Development in Rural School
David L. Stoloff / Dr. Julie Chen, English Professor, Chinese Culture University RECORDING Chinese Culture University-Eastern Connecticut State University global connections: First year college students collaboration
Bridget Stout / Mary Brownell RECORDING Finding Solutions To Hunger, Poverty & Inequality
Patricia A. Talbot, Associate Professor / Brad Bizzell, Glenna Gustafson RECORDING Teaching, Technology and Transformation in Developing Countries
Patricia A. Talbot, Associate Professor / Glenna Gustafson RECORDING Engaging Heads, Hands and Hearts in International Study Abroad
Justine Ericz Tapang RECORDING iCareProject: Teaching Students to Make Global Impact
Courtney L. Teague, Technology Trainer RECORDING Stop teaching like it is 1985: Teach for Creativity in Micro-moments
Courtney L. Teague, Technology Trainer RECORDING Connect the class to the world using SKYPE
Jillian Thomas, Teacher RECORDING Changing the Climate: How Globalizing My Classroom Created the Best Environment for ALL Learners
Dr. Thi Tuyet Tran RECORDING Students’ misconception of their employability assets: the case in Vietnam
Dr. Thi Tuyet Tran RECORDING Can East meet West? Problematizing Westwards-looking educational reforms in Vietnam
Igo Trazo RECORDING Global Flipped Classrooms: Gaining Knowledge from All Around The World
Harry G Tuttle, Ed. D. RECORDING What Level of Culture are Your Students on?
Harry G Tuttle, Ed. D. RECORDING Students Investigate Culture Through Ethnography and Mobile Devices
Mrs. Ruth Valle / Phyllis Manning RECORDING International Project-Based Learning: The Monarch Butterfly
Cleary Vaughan-Lee/Education Director RECORDING Global Learning with Film and Photography
Profesora Cristina Velázquez RECORDING Encontrando tesoros en la Red
Profesora Cristina Velázquez RECORDING Proyecto internacional "Un Mundo de Juegos"
Jesse Weisz, Executive Director RECORDING Oh, the places you’ll go: Teacher travel and the globally competent classroom
Henry Wend, Director of Global Studies / Alison Dupee, Lower School French Teacher RECORDING Rebooting the International Fair: A K-12 Student-centered approach to refreshing a tired format
Jillian Wendt, Assistant Professor of Science Education / William Willis (Lead Presenter), Wafa Alqahtani, Quincy Jackson, Marjorie Nussbaum, Robin Roberts RECORDING Developing Attitudes of Global Mindfulness: Linking Globalization with the Practices of Science
Josh Weiss, Learning Designer / Karrie Anne Vitti RECORDING No internet? No problem: How you can author digital content that educates remote learners via Dev4x, the Moonshot Education Project
Maryann Woods-Murphy, Gifted and Talented Specialist RECORDING Teacher Leadership in Global Education
Melda N. Yildiz, Global Scholar, Edupreneur / Fulbright Scholars and Students RECORDING Global Projects, Grants, & Resources for Edupreneurs
Ms Rita Zeinstejer, EFL Teacher and Teacher Trainer RECORDING Fuel Engagement through Humour
RECORDING Welcome Room
RECORDING Closing Celebration and Appreciations

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