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Online convenience and free resources available at the Global Education Conference. Register today! #globaled17 https://t.co/Xb6rbTwiyB
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Tips on Becoming a Teacher LeaderASCD Inservice https://t.co/YQSXmlkeyS
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GlobalEdCon Call For Proposals: Present at a Free, Online and Inclusive Conference https://t.co/wMpJj5o39Whttps://t.co/phHlYm5wVS
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Kudos to Italy for their efforts! Media literacy needs to be a global effort.... https://t.co/gEGpo5s83K
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Our resources page has what you need for global education ideas! Check it out! #globaled17 https://t.co/B6NqTL1jJL
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GlobalEdCon Call For Proposals: Present at a Free, Online and Inclusive Conference https://t.co/3KosboeGyehttps://t.co/oL1o2e5EF4
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2017 GlobalEdCon Call For Proposals: Present at a Free, Online and Inclusive Conference https://t.co/wMpJj5o39Whttps://t.co/6bPiVNMmOK
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We would love to hear your proposals for the Global Education Conference! Send them in by Nov. 1st! #globaled17 https://t.co/uiHPMRfOEg
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Glenna S Gustafson posted discussions
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RT @eu_schoolnet: .@EUErasmusPlus has the right #funding opportunities for your school - Explore them in this #EUteacheracademy MOOC https:…
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RT @OutdoorClassDay: WOW 19,800 #schools got involved in #OutdoorClassroomDay 2017!! Was yours one of them? Registration for 2018 now: http…
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RT @TheWorldsLesson: RT if you think children & young people's voices count We've had some great responses on @Flipgrid but we need more! h…
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RT @LeonKrauze: How Jane Goodall Came to Love Jane, the Stellar New Documentary of Her Life https://t.co/NnAjx9zJiL via @LAWeeklyArts
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RT @JoyceBronwyn: Bianca from the US shares her voice about girls #fightforfreedom https://t.co/njG679mzUp @ProfeEdTech @25MaHa @TheWorldsL
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RT @julielindsay: Make sure you read Case Study 2.3: Ed Gragert - Global Connections https://t.co/KfnNHZpk6K #globaled17 #theglobalcollabor
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Don't forget, the Clobal Education Conference is November 13-16. Register today! #globaled17 https://t.co/WAMBTCZFGw
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Students learn about hunger during World Food Day event https://t.co/r4ETmyicSS
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Make sure to check out #BilingualEdChat today! Then sign up for the Global Education Conference! #globaled17 https://t.co/r3C4clBjtZ
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2017 GlobalEdCon Call For Proposals: Present at Our Free, Online and Inclusive Conference https://t.co/tYoYeteO1khttps://t.co/DlpSSrcUv4
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RT @WriteOurWorld: What story does your name tell? Read this boy's story about his name and share your own! https://t.co/cjqeEjh8UO #Global
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Global Awareness Curriculum


Global Awareness Curriculum

This is a group for anyone interested in developing some basic standards and curriculum around global awareness.

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Global Education at the Elementary level 3 Replies

Started by Erika Stokes. Last reply by ahmed hegazy Jun 18, 2013.


Started by Shannon Leasure. Last reply by Thomas Stanley Jun 4, 2013.

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Comment by Md.Shafiqul Alam on November 5, 2013 at 5:13am


Every one

I hope all are fine. I invite for International Partnership work with me for education Project Tree Plantation Green School .

my email.shafiqul.alambulbul@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Md.Shafiqul Alam Bulbul

Bogra ,Bangladesh

Comment by Débora Bagüez on November 4, 2013 at 1:01pm

Hi group! I'm Deb from Argentina. Glad to read you all

Comment by Phil Landfried on December 13, 2012 at 11:28am

How do I view the recordings. When I click on a recording I get a Balckboard prompt.  Please send an email reply to:


Comment by Robert Farazin on November 13, 2012 at 1:46pm

Hey, I am looking to make connections with people who are interested in using online educational videos in any language. 

Welcome to check our session website:  http://www.globaleducationconference.com/forum/topics/the-limits-of...

(live presentation on Wed Nov14th at 8am PST.)

Comment by Marina Bonser, PhD on November 10, 2012 at 9:45pm

I invite everyone to attend my session "Sustainability of Consciousness" on Monday , November 12, 8-9 p.m. PT.

Power Point presentation of this session can be found at www.GlobalThinkingWorld.net, "Sustainability 3.0" page

Comment by Honor Moorman on September 8, 2012 at 5:28pm

Hi, All
I thought you might be interested in the free year-long webinar series I’ll be hosting for Asia Society’s Partnership for Global Learning. Please join us on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month for Global Learning for Educators: http://asiasociety.org/webinars

Comment by Prof. Fani Bhusan Das on August 22, 2012 at 12:16am

Global education, besides what Jack Strelec has brilliantly commented; I think GE should also promote Outer &

Outer wealth and Inner wealth

Outer wealth is money,status, standard, power and many more such egoistic violence which meaninglessly inflate our ego and attitude to life.Inner wealth is our consciousness and mind which are real jewels of  fulfilling life. We need to  give every day ourselves a bit of of a reason to to generate inner wealth to make us and our society perfect and peaceful.This is what is needed today if we really  need a TRUE SHIFT to accelerate the next evolution.It is time to understand the  and consciousness so that the current conflicts and violence in every sector of human activity end which will enable us to live to earn rather than earn to live and problems of excess and greed are solved.

Inner wealth.

Comment by Jack Strelec on August 20, 2012 at 1:05pm



  • Use technology successfully and productively
  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation
  • Conduct research and use information
  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Support, promote, and create models that encourage innovative thinking and ingenuity.
  • Encourage students in exploring real world issues and solving genuine problems.
  • Use existing knowledge to create new ideas, products and processes.
  • Produce original works as a result of individual and group effort.
  • Collaborate and work together with peers, experts, and others to utilize a variety of digital environments and media.
  • Acquire a high level of proficiency using the NING sites to plan group strategies and methods of investigation. 
  • Put into practice the safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology
  • Express personal accountability for lifelong learning.

My project is called FACE IT-TRACE IT-ERASE IT. In this project students get to pick from a list of 15 of the most important issues facing the world today. These issues were selected from the United Nations, Relief International, and several other NGO's. 

   Once the students have selected their topic they will be grouped with four other students from around the world that have selected that topic. These students will begin to contact each other using the NING sites or whatever sites they prefer, and they will choose the roles for each team members. I have a list of the roles.

FACE IT: Once the teams are created and the roles are determined, each member from each group will write a paragraph describing and defining their Issue. The team’s members will share their paragraphs with each member. The team will make corrections on the paragraphs, and then submit 5 paragraphs to the project coordinator (me for now). The project coordinator will present a grade to the team. Each of the three phases of this project will be graded with the same weight. The final grade will be an average of all three phases.

TRACE IT: In phase 2 of this project the team will begin its research into the issue (topic). The team will present one research project representing the work of all members. The team leader will make sure that all members are participating. The project must be pre-approved by the project coordinator. It can be any multi-media presentation as long as it utilizes technology. The team Checker will make sure that everyone is working on the project and sending in their work. Teams will gather data on their issue using Microsoft or Open Office files. Graphs, charts, statistics will be required to give evidence that all team members have achieved a proficient level of understanding of their issue. They will do this by using any technologies available to gather supportive data. When done, the team will present the project to the coordinator for a grade.

ERASE IT: The final phase of the project can be a video presentation done by each member of the group. Erase it means that the group needs to collectively create a video presentation or a product of their choosing to discuss a solution to the Issue the group has been working on. If a member of the group does not have access to digital video equipment that member must give their information to the team leader who will assign a member to speak for them. The team will pass the video files to each other over the Internet. The team Presenter will compile the video clips into a single, 10 minute video that will be made available on www.gceafghanistan.ning.com. If a video is not possible the individual, or the group, can present a solution in any appropriate manner. Our project offers a vast array of products that are acceptable.

Comment by Ron Krate on August 20, 2012 at 10:29am

The International Professors can promote, interconnect and provide consults on Instructional Design / Online Learning

Kind regards,

Ron Krate , Founding Head

International Professors  ipplogo%20%287%29.jpg

www.internationalprofs.org ... info@internationalprofs.org

Comment by Tracy Hanson on July 15, 2012 at 5:06pm

I had the pleasure of being involved in the Curriculum Mapping Institute this past week.  There I was able to network with many educators from around the world and discuss the K12 Next Generation's goals towards the development of a global curriculum continuum.  Educators and organizations are coming together to start the process of laying the "river bed" for the curriculum.  Not only will this curriculum allow students access to a personalized education that fits their learning style and development but it will also be in an environment where they can work and share their learning together.  

Now is the prime time to develop such a program.  Technology has opened the door and Open Educational Resources are making it an affordable approach to deliver engaging, interactive multi-level lessons.  

If you haven't visited our site recently then we hope you will now.  We believe that change is only going to come if we can join together in a collaborative manner.  Great things are happening in pockets around the world but noticed by only a few.  If we want the world to see the picture then we have to bring our pieces together.  


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