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Ugh. A commitment just came up for the exact same time as one of the sessions I signed up to volunteer moderate. What do I do? The time is Wednesday, November 14th, 8pm EST.

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Hi Kyle, this does happen quite a bit during the course of the conference. So many unexpected things can crop up. Unfortunately there is no easy way of self removal from the booking. You might try emailing Steve Hargadon and see if he can remove your name from that time slot, so others can see that it needs to be filled. Otherwise people often drop into the volunteers virtual lounge at the beginning of each session to see if any others do need covering.

If you find that there are other time slots where you could volunteer, please go ahead and book or just pop into that virtual lounge 20 mins prior to a session when you may be able to help out and see if there are any sessions not covered.

Thanks Anne! I feel terrible about this. Looks like Lisa can cover the one I have to miss but I will certainly see if I can pay it forward at another time slot!



I got your back.................writing Wednesday, November 14th, 8pm EST done in my google calendar.

Thank you so much Lisa! Now I am really in your debt. Let me know how I can pay you back!


Not to worry, I just delete it.  Thanks for the heads-up, and if any other time frees up, would love any help you can give! 



Hurrah for Durff and Anne, btw!


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