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Hello Everyone! 

I'm looking to collaborate on a research project with elementary or middle schools. I am a university professor who has written on utilizing virtual field trips in the classroom. Right now I have three school-based virtual field trips which I have helped teachers (and their students) create, virtually, but I'm looking to add more to the collection. I took to Twitter and Facebook and other social media to find global or state partners, but I did not have much luck. 

If you are a teacher and would be willing to create a school-based virtual field trip or a community-based field trip based on where you live, then I'd love to collaborate with you. I'm interested in learning more about what types of technology can support this work and if these field trips enhance or increase students' global competencies and learning. 

Please email me at sdelacru@kennesaw.edu if you are interested, and I look forward to hearing from you!!

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