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The idea is to share the experience of some workshops that I have proposed to School where the activities are structured as in a game between multiplayer players who collaborate with each other by making common sense the didactic robotics and coding with the simple means possessed and created with my students, goal: to become a tinker!

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This is my proposal ...

Hi Massimiliano,

Is this a proposal for our November conference? If so, you need to edit this using the OPTIONS button and use the required format as outlined in the call for proposals: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/page/call-for-proposals


Lucy Gray

Where is the options button?

sent, I hope correctly!

This is a duplicate proposal and does not follow the directions as listed in the Call for Proposal. You need to delete one of the two proposal copies that you've submitted and edit the remaining one according to the directions in the Call for Proposals. Thank you!


Last call! If you are planning on editing your proposal and submitting it for review again, please do this by the end of business on Monday, November 6th. Let Lucy Gray at lucy@globaledevents.com know if you make changes and want her to review your proposal again. 



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