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I am just wondering if any primary school teacher is interested in setting up pen pals with 26 second class (mixed) pupils? We are located in the West of Ireland and the children are 7-8 year old.

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I also teach 7-8 yr olds (2nd grade) and would love to connect! We are located in Michigan, USA. Please email me at

I am a teacher from Belarus. English is a foreign language for my pupils (8 - 10 years old). We are really interested in finding out more about the world outside our classroom. 

I am a teacher in Brookline, MA. I have 7-8 year olds and we are looking for pen pals.English is a native language for my students. If interested send me a message on this discussion. We are very interested in connecting as we have a 6 month long global studies project that starts in January. 


What sort of project are you beginning in January? I'd love to join it but I have no experience in doing projects.


Hi! My name is Craig Martin.  I am a Grade 3 Teacher (8-9 Year olds) in Boston, Massachusetts.  I have an all boys-class of 26 students.  I would love to participate in your pen pal program.  Please tell me more of what you would like. Please email me at  We also have a class website:

Hi Sonya. I am the global education coordinator at one bilingual  school in Argentina and I would like to get in touch with you to organize something. My email address is

Looking forwrad to heraing from you

Hello Sonya,
My name is Marian O'Brien. I teach 3rd grade at St. Patrick School in Malvern, Pa. My grade partner, Elizabeth Houlette and I would love to establish pen pal with your children. Elizabeth has 15 students and I have 17. Please let us know how you would like to start up.


We are so excited about the oppoortunity to pen pal with your childern.  My grade partner, Marian O'Brien and I are third grade teachers in Malvern, PA.  Our children are very curious, as are we, about how children around the world learn and what their schools are like. Looking forward to our communitcation.

Elizabeth Houlette

Hello Sonya,

This is Marian O'Brien again. I'm the third grade teacher from St. Pat's in Malvern, PA, USA.  I have joined an edmodo group of teachers who have established a pen pal group for our students.I believe the grades involved are 2nd - 4th.  We would love you to join us.
Please let me know if you're interested. It's extremely easy to set up and join.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marian O'Brien


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