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Lifting up black educators at the NABSE conference https://t.co/AvMXvnPhuV
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Hi all, I am looking forward to this fall's events!

I am writing as I am seeking conferences or PD on the SDGs for Spring/Summer 2018. (Must plan early to seek grant funding this fall!).

Do you know of any in the US or abroad that would be meaningful for teacher educators and policymakers?


Elizabeth Crawford

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We will have a SDG strand in the GEC this year, just an FYI. Also, Participate has some online courses related to the SDGs: https://www.participate.com/pages/teaching-the-sustainable-developm.... You also might want to take a look at Global Goals Week which takes place in September: http://globalgoalsweek.org

If I hear of anything else, I'll post again.

Lucy Gray

Thanks, Lucy! I'm looking forward to the GEC, and agree that Participate courses are excellent.

I should have clarified I'm seeking an in-person conference on the SDGs for spring/summer. I haven't been successful finding any posted that far in advance. I attend an SDG conference in Finland in October and was hoping to find another for next spring/summer as grant calls come out this fall at my university.

Thanks again!
Elizabeth Crawford


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