Presenter, attendee, and volunteer certificates are posted for those who requested them via our required form by our deadline of December 1, 2014. Here is the link:

The request process is now closed.  If you did not submit a request or you did not follow directions precisely, then you will not receive a certificate. The deadline for requests was December 1, 2014. Try again next year! We will be moving to a digital badging system next year that will make it easier for participants to show evidence of their work within the Global Education Conference community. 

Request for Conference Attendees: Need Screenshots, Snippets and Quotes

Hi All -

I'm going to put something together in the form of a slideshow or movie for our closing session on Friday. Please send me at any time, screen shots of interesting conversations or slides, your favorite quotes from the conference, and snippets of chat conversations. If you can label/explain these, please do!

Also, interested in photos of where you were listening to the conference this week. Shots of your work space or a photo of a view out the window... anything along these lines would be fun to include. 

Email me at OR upload this stuff direction here:


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair 

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