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It's on! We will be reprising Global Education Day at ISTE 2018. Look for registration information early in the... https://t.co/EQV0t60wcl
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Part 3! Lucy and Michael conclude their remarks with some suggested next steps for attendees at this conference:... https://t.co/BfrBn6nVgh
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Part two! Here are Michael's and Lucy's responses to these questions: How does IT help students develop the... https://t.co/OEF2wnLYPc
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Global Competence Certificate(GCC) courses are designed specifically for in-service educators who are interested in embedding global learning into their teaching practice, and preparing their students for the global reality beyond the classroom. 

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Global Competence (August 21 - October 15)
Global competence is critical to prepare students for current and future lives as global citizens to make a positive impact in the world. This course explores how foundational domains related to global competence, including space, time, self and social issues, can be inducted into a variety of curriculum areas to support the development of students.

Digital Pedagogy (August 21 - October 15)
Digital media and technologies have the means to engage learners but also to fundamentally change the manners in which students access and produce knowledge. Too often, new technologies appear but merely replicate existing ways of learning. This course examines the pedagogies of digital technology. This course expands the repertoire of teachers while considering how the changes in pedagogy shape knowledge around global education. 

Register today!

For more information contact Connie Rensink at connie@worldsavvy.org

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