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Promoting SDG Awareness with Classroom Posters - Partners needed!

Hello Global Educators,

My students and I have realized that not enough kids around the world are aware of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.)  Rather than relying on social media and the internet to promote SDG awareness, we're going "old school" by raising funds to purchase and distribute posters (nice ones - 24 " x 36", laminated) for classrooms around the world.  Think about it - a poster on a classroom wall never needs electricity or a wifi connection - it's always "on."

We would like to encourage teachers to join us by agreeing to have 2 FREE posters sent to them.  We even pay for the postage.  Teachers who receive the 2 posters are kindly asked to hang one poster in their classroom (and, of course, engage your students in discussions about the SDGs) and then send the second poster to a school overseas with whom you might establish a joint SDG project over the coming year.

Let's go global with the SDGs!  Contact me at ghamlin@rsu71.org or on Twitter at @207teacherguy if you'd like us to send posters to you.


Guy Hamlin



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