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A Vanishing Island
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$50 for 60-min Twitter Chat Moderators design research study on 5/30 and 5/31
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Call for Global Competence Examples from @AsiaSocietyEDU and @OECD. Respond by June 9. #globaled17 @ISTEglobalPLN
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Dr. Fernando Reimers has a new book out that looks fantastic; I just ordered it from Amazon. He has a book launch...
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The Asia Society and OECD are looking for examples from teachers related to teaching global competence. Please...
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Citizen Photojournalism
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What Does it Mean to Be Resilient?
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New report! Paris Conference 2016 - GENE . Global Education Network #globaled #globaled17 #gene16
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RT @AsiaSocietyEDU: "The future holds more promise for the United States if more Americans become language students."
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RT @ProfeEdTech: Join our #ISTEGlobalPLN webinar: The Relevance of Connection May24th 8pm UTC-05:00 May25th 10am UTC+10 RSVP
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European educators may be particularly interested in this new report on global education from GENE....
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Names: Dr. Howard B. Esbin, Heliotrope Director & Founder; Josh Hoover, Saywire CTO & Co-founders

Organizations: Heliotrope & Saywire Collaboration

Countries: Canada, USA

Language: English

Target Audience: Teachers (Middle & High School) Counselors, Psychologists

Short Session Description: Participants will gain a good overview of a powerful new global learning game called Prelude that fosters self-knowledge, empathy, creativity, and collaboration. Well also share exciting news about the beta launch of an all digital version and community portal with our partner Saywire. 


Prelude To Collaboration: A Global Learning Game

In this session, participants will learn about a unique group learning game called Prelude.Prelude fosters 21st Century Skills with a special emphasis on social and emotional literacy. Participants are guided from individual exploration and expression, to teamwork, and then whole group work. The process uses the natural elements as metaphors to help players picture themselves, each other, and the world in a more positive, holistic light. It's been described as  a “trust accelerator” and an “inoculation against bullying”. 


Prelude is used in Middle Schools, High Schools, Adult Education, College, and Community Agencies. Curriculum and program areas include: Language Arts, Ethics, Pro Social Behaviour, Life & Work Skills, Drop Out Prevention, Leadership, and MentorshipPrelude is also used in Professional Development, Vocational Training, and Project Management.


Prelude is also used in diverse cultures, for example with Aboriginal youth in Canada and Arab youth in the Gulf. It also helps people from different cultures understand each other better. Groups that have used Prelude include: TakingItGlobal; Canada World Youth, Viventium Learning, India; Women’s College, Dubai; and the Charter School of Excellence, USA


Prelude an ideal way to start a new school term  training program, or project team. Online training is simple and engaging. Prelude may be played in under five hours or over several time blocks. It may be played by all size groups.  


Thanks to an exciting partnership with Saywire, Prelude will be able to be played online anywhere anytime by anyone. We're seeking professionals and institutions with a pioneering spirit to pilot Prelude in either the blended learning or digital versions. Full support and materials will be provided. The launch is January 2013. Sign up is available at  Thank you for your interest. 



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Please edit your proposal and include the required tags as outlined  in the call for proposals. Let me know once you've done that, and I'll accept this proposal. 


Lucy Gray


Thank you. I think I've corrected the tag problem. Many thanks for this inspiring event.

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