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Power of Impact Cinema: How to bring the world into your classroom?

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Gemma Bradshaw, Education Program Director


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Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA Classroom)

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California, USA


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High school teachers across subjects, particularly social studies, geography, english.


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Explore how to use the power of film to take your students beyond classroom walls and create a springboard for participatory skill building lesson plans.


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At SIMA we have a saying, “Documentary is Fatal to Prejudice.” Whether it’s the brutally honest story of a young female journalist in Syria (like in NOT ANYMORE: A STORY OF REVOLUTION) or the inspiring hip-hop DJ connecting young people to healthy eating (like in FROM GANGS TO GARDENS), documentaries bring us right into the action with their personal stories. They allow us to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

But how does this work in a classroom environment and what happens after the credits roll?

In this presentation we will bring together examples of social impact film and school case studies that show you the potential for documentaries to be integrated into curriculum. We will discuss ways to give your students the opportunity to reflect and build on the issues they’re seeing.

We want this to be an open conversation about the potential for documentaries to challenge students to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment, communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences, asks the right questions and translate their ideas into creative and innovative solutions.


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