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Name and Title: Cindea Hung , Teacher
Schools:1. Taiwan Fxm. 2. Mali CFPE(Centre de Formation Pratique en Elevage)3. France College Antonin Perbosc
Co-Presenter Name(s): Sounkalo Dembele, Eric Vayssie

Country from Which You Will Present: Taiwan, Mali, France
Language in Which You Will Present: English
Target Audience: primary, junior and senior high, college
Short Session Description: We use ICT to connect youth from the world through organic garden projects to reduce and reuse leftovers for compost and rebirth in our organic garden to solve environmental issue, food shortage, and teach people to live healthily. We connected more teachers, students and the communities to work on our organic dream. Here is our project main idea: http://youtu.be/G3lWLWJAYRI and work report after GJC 2009 http://youtu.be/xcFvujYWQMs

Full Session Description: Use ICT to connect the youth and spread our organic dream to the world for protecting our only Earth. In 2006, it was Elluminate Fire and Ice project. Brazil and Burkina Faso joined Elluminate Fire And Ice eClassroom-in-a-box. At the beginning, it is a project to help rural areas, we developed to let the students learn organic agriculture, and be aware of environmental problems, including chemical pollution, and the influence of climate change to the insects and vegetable’s growing. We had a dream--- help the children own an organic garden at school campus. Colombia students had an Organic Garden dream, everyone helped them. http://youtu.be/8iBQn-xtjVA Australia Nyirrpi students also achieved their dream—an organic garden in the desert. http://youtu.be/lm3H2xx4PGE The students’ parents are always the key persons of the projects. That is the amazing of collaboration.We don’t have any financial support, only Blackboard provides us free VC room. We challenged different impossible missions with the help from our worldwide friends. Now, we have over 25 countries catch the dream together. Most of the schools are from iEARN and eTwinning. We kept our dream work records on Youtube from 2008. http://www.youtube.com/TaiwanFxm Those are our sweet memories and our OG history. We use Blackboard VC room to have work report monthly, and TIG, eTwinning websites to communicate with. Monthly VC report keeps our project working, it is also the student's show time, the bridge of their work connection. VC is our favorite interaction. We connected with free ICT support. It keeps our project working as well. Without those free supports, we can't achieve our dream. In order to unite more strength and refresh our team, I hosted the first environmental art work competition for the kids and published postcards for the active countries in 2011-2012. It can be our work report in these years. We had many great art works. http://youtu.be/e85_9cAnJRo We did catch the eyes of the schools, and let them support our organic dream.

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