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From our friends at Know My World! https://t.co/OHeBro9Bpm
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I am in a PhD program that has a global science collaboration focus. One of our assignments is to interview three award winning teachers (prefer science and technology) about their views on global collaboration projects. This semester our cohort has participated in the global moon project, an edible lunar vehicle project with Brazil, and the creation of a science game working with Chinese Students. Before this semester, I had not participated in any global collaboration projects. If any of you are an award winning teacher or know one and would be willing to chat for about 15 minutes, I would really appreciate it.

One more thing - I live in Texas and our professor said we have to have a teacher NOT from our state.



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Hello Michele
I am a high school science teacher at sTreamwood High School in Streamwood,Illinois
Over the past 18 years I have won a number of grant awards and I was named Maaster Energy Teacher of the year for the state of Ilinois in 2005.

My school email is Gregreiva@U-46.org.
School phone number is 630-213-5500

Greg Reiva


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