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We are NGO in Nigeria working in the area of Education to help in developing ICT  training software programmed. For local education in North part of the country, where we have 10 centres as of now with over 3000. I need advices on Phd  programme on education, and which area is the best to go for?.

We are looking for a partner in information technology and all so information technology people. We are into Information technology training, for but secondary school, and also seminar for Polytechnic  and university on the important of Information technology for lecturer in the university .www.icydict.org for more information.

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Hi there,

Please visit our web site about our IGCSE & GCE ICT qualifications as well as our world renown BTEC qualifications.

We can provide you with MS Office 2007/2010 training material in Access, Excel, Power Point, Word, Outlook from Intermediate to Advance Levels or IC3, Computerised Accounting & Payroll-BTEC Accounting Systems, IT & Programming courses, certified through Certiport America.

Willowbridge College is becoming one of the world's most technologically advanced colleges. We are in the process of implementing software. From Janaury 2013 all our full time classroom lectures will be video and voice recorded to offer our partners and online distance learning students the option to attend our virtual classroom lectures 24/7.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any educational needs. We'll gladly assist where ever we can.

We look forward to hear from you.

Kind Regards

Johann Lotz
Willowbridge College | International

Dear Johann,

I hope you are doing fine. I will be happy to work with you school in the area of the training program.

I hope to hear more about it. Want is the program starting up?. and what did you need from as to start the project?

Thank you.

Makeri Yakubu Ajiji

Dear Makeri,

We are now enrolling students for International Secondary School from age 14 - 16 ( International General Certificate in Secondary Education).  Core subjects: Mathematics, Science & English.

As previously stated, we are implementing virtual classroom from January 2013.  This means all students enolled with us from partner schools can attend our virtual our classsroom lecturers. All you will need is your own pc's, internet connections, and headsets.

All scholars must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.

How many scholars would you like to enroll?

Could you reply to my mail to : info@willowbridgecollege.com.

I'd like to send you private information.



Johann Lotz

Je suis un formateur  des enseignants des lycées et des collèges en matière de TIC , spécialement la conception des simulations . Votre offre m’intéresse mais j'aimerai savoir d'avantage sur vos besoins.

Hi Yousef,

I'll see what I can offer you.


I will revert to you during this week.


How many teachers do you want to train?



Johann Lotz

selon vos besoins on fixera le nombre d’enseignants


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