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RT @AsiaSocietyEDU: Please join us in 12 hours to discuss global leadership with @NEAFoundation and @globaledcon! #globaledchat #globaled18
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RT @participate: How do you foster global competence in students and teachers? Find out at the 3rd annual Global Leadership Summit, a conve…
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RT @IwizardsMercy: We have a terrific #globalEd tech team project at the Hub. Check it out! https://t.co/3VMgWTcmiW @ElGovEcon @Nihal_M_
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From our friends at Know My World! https://t.co/OHeBro9Bpm
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Hello GEC Forums!

My name is Alicia and I am the Educational Coordination Manager for Know My World. At Know My World, we connect participants from all over the world through digital technology and we are immediately seeking participants in Italy, Spain and/or France for an exchange with participants in Bulgaria.

Please visit our website by clicking Know My World Exchanges to know who we are and to learn what our exchanges are all about.  

If you are interested in this exchange or having your own exchange, please reply here or contact us on our website.

We look forward to being inspired!



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It helps if you provide links to information so that people can figure out if they are interested. We also recommend that individuals post for organizations and have their own IDs so that members can associate with an actual named person! Just a couple of suggestions! The more information you post in genera, the more responses you're likely to get.....


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