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Hi All,

I'm the co-founder of this community and to pay the bills, I am an ed tech consultant and adjunct faculty member at National Louis University in Chicago. Next month, I'm presenting at this teacher education conference in Ireland (last year it was in LA; it alternates between the US and another country each year): http://www.gratek.ie/mite2018/index.php

One of my sessions will focus on the GEC and global collaboration in general. Over the years, I've noticed that many professors require students to join our community here and participate in our conference. Or, they are required to watch conference recordings. 

I am asking three things of you:

1) If you require your students to use our resources here, please describe how you use them and what the benefit has been to your students.

2) If you would like to collaborate with other teacher educators, let me know and I'll pass along your contact info to teacher educators I meet in Ireland. 

3) I am teaching a global collaboration workshop online in April for NLU, and if you would like your students to collaborate with mine, let me know and we can plan some activities together.

Thanks for your help and input,

Lucy Gray 

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