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     Your Name and Title: Arwa Al-Awadi

     School, Library, or Organization Name: SOUL for Development

     Co-Presenter Name(s): No one

     Country from Which You Will Present: Sana'a, Yemen

     Language in Which You Will Present: English

     Target Audience (such as primary school teachers, high school administrators, students, etc.):

      School teachers and administrators

     Short Session Description (one line):

The session aims at introducing iEARN-Yemen approach to link iEARN network to development   projects.

     Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

In this session, I would like to give you an overview of how iEARN-Yemen initiated the approach of "Learning for Active Citizenship" and international collaboration projects  with iEARN network.  SOUL for Development (a local non-governomentatl organisation in Yemen) is sheltering iEARN-Yemen. Thus, this approach sevred as a sustainability and expansion factor for iEARN-Yemen across the country.

In this session, you will be introduced to

  •   methodology and the different components within "Learning for Active Citizenship";
  •   how it is connected to iEARN collaboration projects;
  •   how it became a sustainability factor for iEARN-Yemen in a time when it was really difficult to get funding;
  •   how it helped expanding iEARN memebers in Yemen from 2 to 8 governorates within three years
  • the impact of the approach and some of the most impressive success stories

There will be more focus on how this served the students build their own self- confidence and trust their ability to make a change and then to communicate it to the world. Moreover, their interest to be part of the international community, present their culture and get to know more about others.



     Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session (if any):

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iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit 2012 Session Acceptance

Thank you so much for your session proposal for the 2012 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit!  We're please to let you know that your submission has been accepted! Your proposal is now in the "iEARN accepted proposals" list on the website. Here are some important tasks for you.

1.  Because we have sessions being presented from all different time zones, as a speaker you actually schedule your own session time at http:// This allows you to see the available slots and to pick something that works within your time zone, work schedule, or other constraints. We're quite proud of how this works, as it is one of the benefits of a virtual conference, but if you should fun into any difficulties finding a time that works for you, email me directly (

We encourage you to do this quickly, as proposals are being reviewed in the order in which they were submitted, so your priority for selecting a session time depends on you scheduling right away. When you do select you time, be sure that the scheduling system has the correct time zone for you!
To schedule your session, you should open http://www.globaleducationconference.comto your presentation proposal (you can do a search on your name to find it, or click on "My Page" in the top menu and then click on the "discussion" link on the left side to find it). Open the session booking link from above in another tab. You will find it easiest to copy the information from one to the other rather than re-type it.  Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking.

2. As a presenter, you need to make sure you are a member of the iEARN conference "presenters group" on the network website. Most of our announcements to speakers will be sent to the members of this group, so as not to email all site members. Join the group (or check to make sure you're already a member) at

3. Presenters are responsible for knowing how to use Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate).  We will have a cadre of volunteers on hand during the conference to help with any issues, but you need to go through the moderator training for Collaborate if you are not a seasoned user. There will be a variety of training resources at the GEC Collaborate website, and we email the speakers group in some weeks alerting you to actual live training sessions.

Again, we are so delighted to have you participating in the 2012 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit.  Thank you!

iEARN Conference Planning Committee


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