Dear Global Education Conference Attendees, Presenters, and Volunteers:

Thank you again for being a part of our 2013 Global Education Conference! 

As per instructions given in this discussion forum post , all requests for certificates must be made by Friday, December 6th at 6 PM CST (GMT-6). No exceptions. Please read this post carefully so that you understand the requirements. It is imperative that you follow our directions.

Certificates WILL NOT be issued until DECEMBER 8th. 


  • Attendees should use this form to request a certificate:
  • Certificates will be given for viewing recordings through December 6th as well. 
  • One attendance certificate will be granted per day of the conference. You need to submit a request for each day you attended. This means if you attended 4 days of the conference, you fill out the form 4 times and write 4 blog posts. The maximum forms you have to fill out, blog posts, and certificates that you could receive is five; one for each day of the conference. 
  • This does not mean you have to write a blog post for EACH SESSION. You write a blog post that briefly discusses highlights of all the sessions you attended, whether it was one session or 10. Use your good judgement about what you put into your post. 
  • It is a REQUIREMENT that you post a reflection blog post to our blogs or to your own blog. 
  • Here is the space on our web site where you can submit a blog post: See the examples posted there.
  • Please note that most people who have submitted requests for attendee certificates so far unfortunately have not followed these directions. If you do not post a link to a blog post that you have personally written (we are reviewing these), you will not receive a certificate. We will not be sending out personal notifications regarding this. If you do not receive a certificate that you requested, it because directions were not followed by our deadline.


  • Presenters should use this form to request a certificate:
  • If you had a proposal submitted and accepted by the Global Education Conference, and you delivered this presentation, you are eligible for a certificate. 
  • You MUST provide the URL to your session recording. If you fail to provide a working URL to your recorded session, you will not receive a certificate and will not be notified. 
  • Submit the form for the number of times you presented. For example, if you conducted 2 separate presentations, fill out the form twice. 


  • Volunteers should use this form to request a certifiate:
  • One certificate per day of volunteering will be given. You must fill out the form for each day you volunteered. For example, if you volunteered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, fill out the form three times. 
  • Volunteers are people who participated in conference endorsed volunteer activities such as attending advisory board meetings and moderating conference sessions. 
  • Volunteers must be members of our volunteer group.
  • In the case of those moderating sessions, volunteers must be have signed up to moderate at least one session and must have shown up for their volunteer duty. 

Certificates will either be posted online or emailed to you by the end of the day (6 PM CST (GMT-6) on Sunday, December 8. No certificates will be issued past this date for the 2013 Conference.

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To make sure I'm perfectly clear on the blog posts. These are for ATTENDEES ONLY. Read on for important clarifying information:

That is not correct. One certificate per day will be issued. Not per session. You need to fill out the attendee form once per day that you attended sessions. 

If you attended Monday and went to 3 sessions for example, this would be 1 form submission and 1 blog post which *could* reference all the session you attended. 

If you then attended on Tuesday and went to, say 6 sessions, this still would require another form submission and another blog post. This would be bring your total to two form submissions, 2 blog posts, and you would receive 2 certificates. 

If you attended a third day and so on, that would require another form submission and another blog posts.

The most forms, blogs, and certificates would be 5, representing each day of the conference. 

I attend and i fill up Attendees application Form.  am i need to do anything else ?

You must write a reflection blog post as indicated in the instructions. If you do not follow these instructions and provide a link to a blog post that you have written about what you saw at the conference, then you will not receive a certificate. 

I haven't received a presenter certificate yet,

 though I applied as soon as the conference ended.

What should I do? 

If you read the instructions on the form, and the original post about certificates, you might learn that they will be posted by December 8th.

If you do not receive one by December 8th, that means you did not follow the required instructions and there is no further recourse. 

All the recordings are listed on the recordings page: This is available in the green nav bar under 2013 CONFERENCE and in the lefthand navigation under the link RECORDINGS. Additionally, the link is posted in the bright yellow box in the center of the front page.

When you get to the recordings page, we suggest that you search for your session using Control + F or Command + F depending on your computer's operating system.

Hi, Lucy!

My name is Svitlana.I teach English to middle and senior students in Nikopol, Ukraine. I need a certificate of participation and I`ve submitted the request using your form of Attendees and included the working link to my post when filling out this form.

But now I`m not sure that I`ve done everything right. This certificate is very important for my future promotion and I`m afraid to fail. How can I state that everything is OK? 



For the attendance certificate, you must include a blog post that reflects on your experiences at the conference. Thanking us is not enough. You must list the sessions or session you view that day and write a bit about what you learned or how this will impact your professional practice. This is to prove that you actually did attend the session that you say you did!

It is not acceptable to put your blog post up as an attachment in Word or any other word processed document. 

Use your own blog (Blogger, Kidblog, Wordpress, Typepad etc) OR use the blogs that come with this web site: on the ADD button to do so. 

I would love to attend any of your conference. i Don't know when exactly is the right time of next conference.

The next conference will take place In November 2014. It takes place online. 

Hi Lucy,

I have followed the instructions and filled out as many forms as the days I attended. I also wrote blogs and gave links, but I found only one certificate. I noticed that it included dates 18-23; does this mean that each attendee will receive ONE certificate including all days?

Thank you .  


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