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The Student Forum of a high school in New York state seeks a global partner to conduct a videoconference using Polycom videoconferencing technology. We prefer a high school group in Europe or Asia, with Mexico or Canada as secondary options. The Student Forum is a student council type advisory body, and we seek a comparable remote entity, but we are open to connecting with any high school classroom in the areas mentioned. Ideally, discussion would center around a comparative discussion of school culture, discipline, etc., but there is also some flexibility in this area. The connection would take place during the month of May. Please contact me if you know of any groups that would be interested in becoming a partner.
Cynthia Farrell

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Please feel free to post your projects on www.cilc.org.  The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboratio's Collaboration Center is designed to help those interested in collaborating find partners.  I'm happy to help if you have questions or concerns.

Hi Doug,

Thanks for your reply! I have posted on CILC but no bites so far. :(


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