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Bryan L. Miller

Founder CEO/Director of Strategic Education Outreach

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TopTechEDU/Wonder Workshop

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Florida, United States

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All educators and administrators

Short Session Description (one line): Move Beyond the Hour of Code and Learn All Year Long!

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Schools throughout the world participate in the Computer Science Education Week’s #HourofCode, which will take place during December of each year. Unfortunately, many schools don’t move beyond that hour. As stakeholders in providing the best educational experiences to prepare students for tomorrow, it is imperative that we move “Beyond the Hour of Code” and truly integrate coding into the daily instruction for all. 

Computer science careers are continuing to explode across the world, and preparing students for this global literacy is a must to not only provide students with opportunities after they graduate, but also how to think differently in this ever-changing world.  The literacies learned in computer science move beyond "just learning to code."  

Learn more about:

Creating a maker culture in your schools and beyond
Using computer science for inquiry-based learning and integrating computer science with all subject areas
What district administration can do to empower teachers to bring computer science into the school day
How to create coding/robotics electives and after school clubs
Where teachers can find curriculum to use year-round

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