Presenter, attendee, and volunteer certificates are posted for those who requested them via our required form by our deadline of December 1, 2014. Here is the link:

The request process is now closed.  If you did not submit a request or you did not follow directions precisely, then you will not receive a certificate. The deadline for requests was December 1, 2014. Try again next year! We will be moving to a digital badging system next year that will make it easier for participants to show evidence of their work within the Global Education Conference community. 

A colleague of mine is looking for participants for Through the Digital Looking Glass:  A Global Digital Citizenship Pr...

Here is an introduction to the project taken from her website:  

"Students in all classrooms, everywhere, need to learn about and practice the tenets of Digital Citizenship.  This project was created to be flexibly integrated into any class, and can be modified to fit the age of your students.  You may partner with students that are older, younger, or the same age as your students."

If you are interested in participating you can fill out the registration form on the main page.


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I would love to be part of this but I don't see the registration form

nancy Graham

Memphis Tn

Here is the link to the main page where the form is!


I am excited to help get you started in this project.  Please take a moment to complete the information on this page.




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