“Finding solutions for common issues” K-7 Transmedia Global Project (Social Justice and Ecological issues)

Hi all,

I would love to add you all and get involved in this worldwide project, you can participate in English or Spanish. 

What I am looking through this project is the following aligned to curricular standard, and that can be worked within any classroom.

The project will cover five of our curricular areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Environmental Learning, Social and Emotional Learning and Fine Arts) in an interdisciplinary work. Each class  (1st -7th) will cover the particular topics from the program, aligned to the activities we celebrate as an institution and as a country such as our school´s Anniversary, St. Valentines Day, our Art and Literature Fair.


The unit (project) goals are:

a) Students will understand other countries background (Culture: language, food, religion, traditions, History: main events in their history as a country, Geography: natural resources, demographics).

b) Students will understand Mexican background (Culture: language, food, religion, traditions, History: main events in our history as a country, Geography: natural resources and demographics).

c) Students will compare and contrast their own background with that of a different country and will identify a common social and ecological issue, to propose solutions.

d) Students will develop empathy in a personal way and with other cultures, to propose common solutions to global problems and share their proposals with other communities.

e) Students will be familiar with different sources of information and media to make research and to publish their ideas and proposals in favor of social justice and ecology.

f) Students will make use of their understanding about literature and arts to convey messages.

Established Goals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Standard: For this unit (project) there are several goals to accomplish since it is an interdisciplinary project that will integrate several curricular areas.

Students will understand global issues that affect them and others.


-       Students will understand to gather information from personal experiences, oral and written sources of presentation, different from textbooks.

-       Students will understand how to present information using oral, writing or visual representation to share their thoughts through different kinds media, and through fiction and non fiction narrative.

-       Students will demonstrate the correct use of their language (Spanish) and English.

-       Students will make use of art and literature to understand other´s and to express themselves.


-       Students will understand global social and ecologic issues and ways to improve them, and demonstrate sense of responsibility toward global issues.


-       Students will understand what empathy means and why it is important for all kinds of relationships.

-       Students will understand how to learn and work collaboratively.

-       Students will understand how to design a project and establish goals and assess them.


-       Students will understand visual art and drama as ways to communicate their culture.

The activities to accomplish this goals are:

¨  To engage students in a global world, and to begin with a Jules Verne story and to identify different kids of narrative I will introduce the topic watching “Around the World in 80 days” asking the students to identify where the characters live, and why they can say that.  I will ask them to identify the clothes, the language, the sites, etc. 

¨  Then I will ask about what they know about narratives, about Jules Verne and about the different countries the characters of the story visited, asking some of the essential questions such as: Do you think in Mexican children have the same problems as children in other countries? Do you have the same problems as other children? Why do you think it would be the same? Why do you think it would be different?  I will explain the objectives of the project, the learning outcomes, and the final performance tasks they will deliver (videoclip, itunesU course, transmedia production) and how their products can help transform social and ecological issues in the world.

¨  I will have them identify the process of a project and how to set the goals and the process to achieve and assess them.

¨  Students will choose a country based on the story “Around the World in 80 days” and they will do research about it in different sources of information (text book, internet, books, interviews with parents).

¨  Students will design a digital poster displaying the information they find and post it on facebook.

¨  Students will carefully read and learn about others posters identifying Grammar and Spelling mistakes, correcting them and finding the proper syntactic rules to write messages, as well as the content.

¨  Students will study Mexican history facts, culture, religion and political organization as well in text books.

¨  In groups students will share the information they find and they will identify issues regarding social justice and ecological issues Mexico and the country they are investigating face today.

¨  Students will organize the information making graphs to compare Mexican and other countries information.

¨  In groups students will discuss about the role of Mexico in the world.

¨  Students will prepare interviews making deep questions to decide which issues are most important to address in a global scenario. (Questions must be with proper Grammar formats using question marks and the correct use of Spanish and English).

¨  Students will post their interviews on facebook and write an essay to post on a blog identifying non fiction texts.

¨  Students will read about empathy and they will practice the ability to understand others by observing “a secret friend” for two weeks and posting comments on facebook about the inferences they make on likes, dislikes, hobbies and feelings.

¨  Teachers will prepare a skype meeting for students to make interviews to students in other countries.

¨  Students will interview students in other countries to learn about actual information and real issues they face and will check the information they found previously.

¨  Students will deliberate which social and ecological issue must  be addressed, according to the information they gathered after interviewing students in other countries developing a sense of empathy for foreign people.

¨  Students will have quizzes on Mexican Independence, Mexican Revolution, geographic situation and political organization.

¨  Students will read different kind of texts and they will identify characteristics of essays, journals, stories, poems, fiction and non fiction.

¨  Students will learn create a story where they address the issue they identify as more important regarding social justice and ecology for Mexico and the other country in a global scenario, proposing ways to help cope with this issues.

¨  In groups, students will write a story addressing the issues they want to cope with.

¨  Students will learn how to make a storyboard and they will make a videoclip  addressing the global issues (social and ecological) to share in social media.

¨  Students will watch the videos and they will post comments stating their position toward the issues, assessing and self assessing the objectives of the project.

¨  Students will create a transmedia storytelling ebook using multimedia resources to share on social media.

¨  Students will assess others productions and will comment about them in social media.

¨  Students will choose a book for a St. Valentines Day to their “secret friend” after watching his or her for two weeks and others will try to know who he or she is by the facebook comments.

Students will gather all the information and create a course in ItunesU where they explain the process of the project and describing their learning outcomes.

It would be wonderful to have different perspectives and points of view from different countries, and let children create stories where they can share they concern about social and environmental issues, through multi platform narratives.

Please contact me I will add a video, JOIN  OUR PROJECT!!

(Attached you will find the Unit Plan)


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