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Liu Yijie | Mathematics Coordinator

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School of Science and Technology

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Educators specialising in experiential learning 

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Transferring experiential learning experiences back into the classroom 

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With sufficient funding and resources and an increasingly shrinking world, it has become easier over time to bring students for experiential learning trips and experience a global learning curriculum instead. Such trips range anywhere from a one-day field trip to a month-long immersion programme, and more often than not, students do have an enriching learning experience when their various senses are engaged. 

As a teacher specialising in leading students for high-risk adventure trips, I do enjoy the process as we work closely with vendors and school management to craft an authentic learning experience for the students. Though such trips are fraught with risks, students do get a rush knowing that they are climbing an active volcano or the highest peak in South-East Asia, and more often than not, surpass their personal expectations to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. 

While we teachers rely on reflections and journals to suss out the learning points of the trip, most of the learning is regrettably short-lived. Students who display mental resilience and perseverance in the mountains strangely do not exhibit the same values when back in the classroom and dealing with difficult Math practice questions. 

Hence, as institutions nowadays look towards a global experiential learning experience for students, I now wish to go in the opposite direction to bring learning back into the classroom instead.

Is it possible for students to document their journey in a whole new way, which is much more interactive and engaging than traditional pen and paper (which gets soggy in the mountains anyway)?

Is it possible for students to articulate their reflections using other modes and means, by capturing their feelings and emotions via words and images instead? 

Is it possible for students to share such stories on a global platform so that educators and students from other parts of the world can be inspired by the unique experiences captured by different profiles of students as they embark on the same immersive journey? 

Is it possible to make such learning experiences permanent, so that the mental discipline and collaboration shown on such trips can serve as timely reminders when the going gets tough back in the classroom? 

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My 1-minute vision video (https://youtu.be/SLOPMtCP6co)

My vision deck (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19OfDhcCNHezRwVD61CG0eYV5LLt...)

My prototype (https://tourbuilder.withgoogle.com/tour/ahJzfmd3ZWItdG91cmJ1aWxkZXJ...)

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