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Your Name and Title:

Fran Siracusa, International Programs, Co-Director

School, Library, or Organization Name:

Country Day World School


Co-Presenter Name(s):

Jennifer Williams, International Programs, Co-Director

Ruth Metka, Primary Division Coordinator

Country from Which You Will Present:

United States


Language in Which You Will Present:



Target Audience (such as primary school teachers, high school administrators, students, etc.):

K-8 Students, Teachers & Administrators


Short Session Description (one line):

Apps Galore: Top Tools for Global Collaboration (iPad)


Full Session Description (one paragraph minimum):

Join us for a fast-paced session highlighting top iPad applications for use in global collaboration, creativity and production. Grab your stylus and favorite mobile Apple device, and we will show you how how to engage with and learn about your global partners in a dynamic and authentic way. Presenters will showcase a variety of apps for use with all ages and technological abilities as used in our past collaborative global projects and our school 1:1 iPad program.  The opportunities are limitless!


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