Your Name and Title: Christine Farrell

School or Organization Name: 1World Unite

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: England

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s):Teachers, educators, youth, governments, educational bodies, libraries

Short Session Description (one line): If we want change we need to educate our children about the world

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): 

If we want change, we need to find innovative ways of bringing global education to life so that we can ignite a passion for lifelong learning that goes beyond the classroom. We believe that only with knowledge can we look to secure a sustainable future. 

In a recent speech, UN secretary Ban Ki Moon said, 'It is not enough for education to produce individuals who can read, write and count. Education must be transformative and cultivate an active care for the world and for those with whom we share it." and this, is at the heart of everything we look to do.

We believe, that only with knowledge can we look to affect social change and, that ‘ignorance’ can no longer be our defence. Bringing a joined up approach to education and learning will, help  empower children and give them the opportunity to develop the values, knowledge and skills they need so that they can forge more just, peaceful and tolerant societies where all life has equal value.

Education is the very building block of every society yet, the ethos in education today still has values that are based purely on passing exams and; if we are to achieve the United Nations global goals and forge lasting peace and secure a sustainable future for mankind, it is imperative that we give global education a voice that inspires children and helps them develop skills, knowledge and understanding that will empower them and help them understand that we are tied together and that everything we do matters for we are all global citizens in a truly interconnected world. 

In a matter of decades our lives and lifestyle have been transformed however, what we now know is, that our rapid growth and development has had serious repercussions on the world around us and on every living thing. And, if we are to forge a more sustainable future, and protect future generations we need a fundamental change, one that looks to protect people, place and planet.

Although the topic of climate change is on the curriculum, the topic of sustainable development is not. Reviews from around the world highlight the fact that many of the textbooks used today often reinforce stereotypes and work to exacerbate social division and foster emotions such as fear and resentment. Curriculum and learning materials are outdated, developed in a solitary, non participatory manner. However research shows, young people are open to new perspectives and schools are perfectly positioned to play a vital role in helping transform the way children think and act. 

In a recent study, carried out by Leeds Development Education Centre it found that even those studying to become teachers held disparate beliefs and had limited understanding of even simple global issues. In the example given a student teacher has been asked to write 5 words that could accurately describe Fairtrade when asked to consider banana farmers. (ref 2)

  1. Malnutrition /skinny

  2. Little clothing

  3. No shoes

  4. African

  5. Baskets on their heads

This illustration although limited, does, I believe, serve to highlight the apparent lack of global knowledge that is not just in education, it is a fundamental flaw in modern society and, if we are to address this we must look to empower our children with knowledge just as those that are being empowered by the Fairtrade foundation.

I believe that working in partnership and in collaboration, we can play a pivotal role in helping to bring a greater understanding that can, ultimately secure social change equipping children with the tools they need so that they are better prepared for life in the 21st century. 

Thank you

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Thanks for your proposal! Can you please edit this and provide clarity? Your proposal should read less like an essay and more on what you plan to present at our conference. It's not clear to me what you are planning on presenting and the benefits to our audience. You want to write this so that it will appeal to potential attendees. 

Once you've edited this, let me know and I'll review it again.


Lucy Gray


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