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Discussion Forum https://t.co/3wee43Dr2o
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Just accepted another batch of proposals for the 2017 Global Education Conference! Take a look! https://t.co/fDjgmZ9cKy #globaledchat
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GEC Keynote from a few years ago @newsjean is on CNN now discussing North Korea! #globaled #globaledchat #ISTEglobalPLN
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Just accepted another batch of proposals for the 2017 Global Education Conference! Take a look! https://t.co/fDjgmZ9cKy #globaled17
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Our 8th annual free, online conference starts on November 13th! Take a look at currently accepted proposals and... https://t.co/wqIAuHYa50
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Young Farmers Inspire Optimism for our 'Future Harvest' https://t.co/5b3t8HjLff
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RT @laura_krenicki: What resources do you use to connect your students to the world?Please share in our RESOURCES PARKING LOT https://t.co/
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The Department Of Education Cuts Off A Student Loan Watchdog https://t.co/1kVrFV3CHG
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Global Online Academy | Student Spotlight: Making Global Connections by Making Films https://t.co/wFzAhn98Cn
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Journalist reveals what Asia Argento told her about Harvey Weinstein in the 1990s https://t.co/U1ftQ4mZio
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Texas City Ditches Politics for Clean Energy https://t.co/PnBdJAqaAw
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World Peace Song Music Project https://t.co/cNpso56T8m
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Here's a project opportunity for teachers and students!... https://t.co/hLYmRZqrQ2
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2016 Schedule - Mobile Friendly (US-EST / GMT - 5)

Sessions can be attended using your mobile device.

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11/13/2015 12:30 Opening Session... Opening Session
11/13/2015 13:00 OPENING KEYNOTE... Jonathan Rochelle (Google
11/13/2015 14:00 Classrooms without Borders: A Teacher's ... Philip J. Wagener - Secon
11/13/2015 14:00 Girl`s Empowerment: Steps and Examples f... Montserrat Fregoso Fonsec
11/13/2015 14:00 iEARN Welcome... iEARN Welcome
11/13/2015 14:00 Student driven eco-initiatives towards U... Ms. Kamal Preet
11/13/2015 14:00 The importance of mother tongues preserv... Andreea Dahlquist, teache
11/13/2015 15:00 GEC Connect - Game On!... Julia Francis, Partner
11/13/2015 15:00 International Open-mindedness through Te... Sara Abou Afash, PhD Stud
11/13/2015 15:00 Massive, Self-Sustainable Collaborative ... Richard C Close CEO - Fou
11/13/2015 15:00 The Global Impact of iEARN: Shaping Glob... Jennifer Russell, iEARN E
11/13/2015 16:00 KEYNOTE: "Early Foundations for Learning... Terry Smith
11/13/2015 17:00 Global Connections & Project Based Learn... Natasha Jenkins, Social S
11/13/2015 17:00 Global Network of Remote Labs... Sérgio Leal
11/13/2015 17:00 Students as Global Leaders and Collabora... Eunice Daudu and Gaby Pal
11/13/2015 18:00 Getting Involved with the Global Educati... Lucy Gray, Co-Founder
11/13/2015 18:00 Global Mapping using Google, Webtools an... Kathy Beck Instructional
11/13/2015 18:00 Host Family Experiences in Study Abroad... Alexi Kim
11/13/2015 18:00 Leadership and Innovation in Education--... Mr Tim McNevin
11/13/2015 19:00 KEYNOTE: "The MY HERO Project"... Jeanne Meyers + Wendy Mil
11/13/2015 20:00 Global Connections & Geographic Resource... Laura Krenicki, Educator
11/13/2015 20:00 The Power of Global Collaboration Projec... Brad Bielawski - Teacher
11/13/2015 21:00 Using 360 Video and Virtual Reality to O... Cheri Faley AP Chemistry
11/13/2015 22:00 KEYNOTE: "Service Learning and the Maker... Tosca Killoran
11/13/2015 23:00 High School Journalism Goes Global... Robin Worley, Ed.D.
11/13/2015 23:00 Inspiring Global Youth and Promoting cri... Victoria Liu, Founder
11/13/2015 23:00 SUPPORTING NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS I... Dr. Mei-Yan Lu, Professor
11/14/2015 5:00 Why Baki Matters: Stories and Projects f... Melda Yildiz, Ed.D.
11/14/2015 6:00 Building Global Connections with Out of ... Rob Martin, Middle School
11/14/2015 7:00 Living Language: Supporting Adolescent L... Kripa Bhagat, Resident Di
11/14/2015 8:00 Global Teacher Leaders: a Machine to Get... Dr. Rachel Clarke, Princi
11/14/2015 9:00 Global Invaders and How We Can Stop Them... Lauren Miles
11/14/2015 9:00 Human Rights Colonialism and Globalizati... Richard C. Close CEO Foun
11/14/2015 9:00 International Book Club: Getting Readers... Fay Stump, Library Media
11/14/2015 9:00 La gestión de networking y redes sociale... Diego Apolo
11/14/2015 10:00 KEYNOTE... Lord Jim Knight
11/14/2015 11:00 Help Your Students Climb the Three Level... Harry G Tuttle, Ed. D.
11/14/2015 11:00 Not me! Unconscious Bias in our Global C... Adam Holden, Head of Acad
11/14/2015 11:00 The Power of Possibility... Peter Bishop, Exec Direct
11/14/2015 11:00 The Role of Social-Emotional Intelligenc... Theo Koffler, Founder and
11/14/2015 12:00 Challenge Based Learning: Take Action. M... Mark Nichols, Digital Pro
11/14/2015 12:00 Daffodils & Tulips... Ruty Hotzen
11/14/2015 12:00 Engaging K-12 Students in Meaningful Glo... Julia Coburn, Executive D
11/14/2015 12:00 Global Learning: Exploring the World Aft... Mary Grenz Jalloh, Direct
11/14/2015 12:00 Students Investigate Culture Through Eth... Harry G Tuttle, Ed. D.
11/14/2015 13:00 KEYNOTE: "EdTech Summit Africa"... Karen Blumberg, Karen Kir
11/14/2015 14:00 Global Citizenship Professional Developm... Mabel Bashorun
11/14/2015 14:00 Join MY HERO to Inspire, Connect and EMP... Wendy Milette, Director o
11/14/2015 14:00 Meaningful Learning through the Access P... Nadina Carmen Nicolici, H
11/14/2015 14:00 Responding to the Need for Religious Lit... Timothy Hall, Ph.D., Dire
11/14/2015 15:00 Becoming a Global Administrator in K-12 ... Dr. Sara Whitaker, Consul
11/14/2015 15:00 Let’s Teach The World! How To Make ‘Univ... Leah K Stewart, Performan
11/14/2015 15:00 Native Voices, Cultures and Stories: Sup... Raymond Pun, first year s
11/14/2015 16:00 KEYNOTE: "The Power of Place: Reconnect... Nate McClennen
11/14/2015 17:00 Exploring Policy Experimentation in Educ... Sérgio Leal
11/14/2015 17:00 Inspiring a Shared Sense of Humanity... Lamisa Mustafa, Student P
11/14/2015 17:00 My Identity, Your Identity Culture Proje... Nicolle Boujaber-Diederic
11/14/2015 17:00 Using Blackboard Collaborate, Moddle and... Fabrice Fresse
11/14/2015 18:00 A Case Study in Global Business Awarenes... Penny Lorenzo, JD
11/14/2015 18:00 Assessing Cross-Cultural Skills in Exper... Rebecca Smolar, Manager o
11/14/2015 18:00 Create meaningful classroom experiences ... Joanne Trangle, Executive
11/14/2015 18:00 Sharing International Exchange Through M... Elaine Huang, Alumna
11/14/2015 18:00 Storytelling goes global... Ms Silvana Carnicero
11/14/2015 19:00 KEYNOTE: "Pages for Peace Foundation"... Anne Polaski + Diane Repa
11/14/2015 20:00 Establishing and Running a Successful Tw... Thomas Kennelly
11/14/2015 20:00 Personalizing Learning by Pursuing Stude... Dr. Julie Barrett, Consul
11/14/2015 20:00 The People's Market... Cheryl Nelson
11/14/2015 20:00 Women + Web = ... Kim Wilkens, technology a
11/14/2015 21:00 How can you build your personal global c... Jennifer Boyle, Global Co
11/14/2015 21:00 Voice Pals: Lessons learned from develop... Linda Ciano, Clinical Ass
11/14/2015 22:00 KEYNOTE: "Six Strategies for Supporting ... David Ross
11/14/2015 23:00 Authentic Global Connections through an ... Jason Graham, Digital Lit
11/14/2015 23:00 Strategies to Increase Student Transfer ... Tamara Galoyan, Ph.D. stu
11/15/2015 5:00 cultural package exchange project... Mrs Asma Al Beriki
11/15/2015 5:00 Why Baki Matters II: Stories and Project... Melda Yildiz, Ed.D.
11/15/2015 7:00 Creating Broader Perspectives Through Or... Ryan Harwood - Technology
11/15/2015 7:00 Five Years of Global Learning in a Littl... Anne Mirtschin
11/15/2015 7:00 Pescando Estudiantes: Aguilas pescadoras... Mark Viser, Spanish Teach
11/15/2015 8:00 Psychic Distance Phenomena and Global Ed... Susan Boyle, MFA, Full Ti
11/15/2015 8:00 Publishing Student-Created eBooks to Fos... Francis Jim Tuscano, Grad
11/15/2015 8:00 Using Digital Media for Global Collabora... Chris Baer, Arts and Tech
11/15/2015 9:00 Enhancing Understanding in the Culturall... Dr. Crystal L. Sears, M.A
11/15/2015 9:00 Global Collaboration Creates Bridges for... Kheira Mezough , Country
11/15/2015 9:00 Harmonizing Global Alliances: A Case Stu... Maria A. Beebe, Ph.D., An
11/15/2015 9:00 One Heart Anti-Bullying Program... Janet Lee, Instructional
11/15/2015 9:00 Resources for Integrating Latin American... Mary Risner, Associate Di
11/15/2015 10:00 KEYNOTE: "Global Competence and Dual Lan... Kevin Smith
11/15/2015 11:00 Citizen Journalism... Lesley Farmer, Professor
11/15/2015 11:00 Creating Global Competency by Infusing M... Darla Kay Hill, Education
11/15/2015 11:00 Preparation for Teaching in a Global Cla... Heather MacCleoud, Direct
11/15/2015 11:00 Talking Kites Around the World... Ruty Hotzen
11/15/2015 11:00 The importance of global education to th... Paul Loranger
11/15/2015 12:00 Building Bridges Though Intercultural Co... Joe McVeigh, Author and E
11/15/2015 12:00 Effective Use of Collaborative Online Di... Nadine Aboulmagd, Online
11/15/2015 12:00 EFL Youth Voices Project... Dr Daniela Munca-Aftenev
11/15/2015 12:00 Learning to Ask Better Questions, Togeth... Reuben Thiessen, CTO
11/15/2015 12:00 The Partnership Continuum: Building Glob... Jennifer D. Klein, Global
11/15/2015 13:00 KEYNOTE: "Global Ed (Urgent Action + Cri... Beate Nguyen, MA.Ed.
11/15/2015 14:00 El Continuum de "Asociaciones Globales":... Jennifer D. Klein, Educad
11/15/2015 14:00 Integrating Dual Language with Global Le... Meg Van Voorhis, Manager
11/15/2015 14:00 Study Abroad, Language Acquisition and C... Nadra Garas
11/15/2015 14:00 What Does Global Competency Look Like fo... Susannah Wheelwright (for
11/15/2015 15:00 #GlobalSpeedChat--A Worldwide Collaborat... Jennifer Hesseltine & Kim
11/15/2015 15:00 Create globally connected students with ... Kyle Wagner- Futures Acad
11/15/2015 15:00 Learning for a Purpose and Caring about ... Jeff Harlan, Co-Founder
11/15/2015 15:00 Notes from the Field: Dual Language and ... Rocio Aguilar, Instructio
11/15/2015 16:00 KEYNOTE... Joseph Ball
11/15/2015 17:00 Excursions in Mathematics: A Global Educ... Tammy L Jones, Consultant
11/15/2015 17:00 Experiential Learning: Discover Cuba Wit... Ruth Valle, Spanish Teach
11/15/2015 17:00 The concept of participation in educatio... Ioana Literat, Assistant
11/15/2015 17:00 What roles can school librarians play in... Dr. Lesley Farmer, Profes
11/15/2015 18:00 Creative Use of QR Codes to Support Glob... Dr. Susan Jacques Pierson
11/15/2015 18:00 Globalizing the English Common Core Read... Ashley Gwinn, Master Teac
11/15/2015 18:00 Increasing Global Competence in K-12 Edu... Ann C. Gaudino, Ed.D.
11/15/2015 18:00 Promoting Student Success in Statistics ... Larry Musolino
11/15/2015 19:00 KEYNOTE... Chip Kimball + Tim Stuart
11/15/2015 20:00 American Literature and History as a Spr... Mr. Ryan Smith
11/15/2015 20:00 Blog Building: The Basics of Shaping & S... Heather Singmaster, Host,
11/15/2015 20:00 Bringing the World to Your Classroom... Connie Rensink
11/15/2015 20:00 Committing Global Knowledge to Action Th... Jim Zacchini, Senior Impl
11/15/2015 21:00 Agentes De Cambio... Pedro Aparicio M.S.
11/15/2015 21:00 Estructuración y reestructuración de mod... Alfonso Ángel Carballo He
11/15/2015 21:00 Master Project- Based Learning in 5 simp... Kyle Wagner: School Trans
11/15/2015 21:00 Using TED Ed to improve your student res... David J. Burt
11/15/2015 22:00 KEYNOTE: "Sharing the kids eye view of t... Tudor Clee
11/15/2015 23:00 Teacher Travel = Student Learning... Connie Rensink
11/16/2015 0:00 What does it take to make the world our ... Anne Mirtschin
11/16/2015 3:00 Collaborative learning through an online... Geeta Rajan,Head,Internat
11/16/2015 4:00 CLASS: Connected Learning Activities thr... Sebastian Panakal, Chairp
11/16/2015 4:00 Factors causing student anxiety in Engli... Dr Thi Tuyet Tran
11/16/2015 4:00 Partners of the Americas and iEARN: The ... Mr. André Hedlund
11/16/2015 5:00 Hands for Peace... Almerinda Garibaldi
11/16/2015 5:00 Studying Abroad and Its Broad Impact for... Nicole Hall
11/16/2015 6:00 Photojournalism for covering social issu... Firuz Baratov
11/16/2015 6:00 Promoting cultural and geographical awar... Quratulain Hussain
11/16/2015 7:00 Cómo Preparar Alumnos para el Siglo XXl ... Fabiana Casella
11/16/2015 7:00 Gamify Your PD: Leading Districts 'Win' ... Julia Francis, Partner
11/16/2015 7:00 Gomabseubnida, Seoul: How My Summer in K... Amy M. Barrios, Ed.D.; As
11/16/2015 7:00 The comparative analysis of different on... Dr. Pablo B. Markin
11/16/2015 7:00 Where Do The Children Play... Freda Goodman
11/16/2015 8:00 Connecting India Around The World... Ms Poonam Sharma
11/16/2015 8:00 How meditation and creative imagination ... Dr.Elena Puntaroli
11/16/2015 8:00 Lesson Jamming Collaboration... Mrs. Maha Hassan
11/16/2015 8:00 Micro-learning as a lifelong learning ap... Mr. Mohamed Ramadan
11/16/2015 9:00 El acceso global de profesores y estudia... Carlos Bravo Reyes PhD
11/16/2015 9:00 How to facilitate cross-cultural project... Jack Haskell, teacher and
11/16/2015 9:00 Impact of STEM learning program on main ... Ms. Alema Nasim
11/16/2015 9:00 The Global Student News Network... Don Goble - Multimedia In
11/16/2015 9:00 Tips To Prepare Students for a 21st Cent... Mrs Fabiana Casella
11/16/2015 10:00 KEYNOTE: "Education for Social Change: t... Dmitry Savelau
11/16/2015 11:00 Bringing the world into your K-5 classro... Sanny Zuiderveld, co-foun
11/16/2015 11:00 Global Classrooms... Teresa Kramarz, Assistant
11/16/2015 11:00 Middle School General Music...A Provinci... Kathryn Smith, Middle Sch
11/16/2015 11:00 The role of curriculum in teachers’ unde... Mrs.Zhanar Ordabayeva
11/16/2015 12:00 Differentiated Instruction: Innovative S... Lauren D. Pitts, Doctoral
11/16/2015 12:00 Robotics Unplugged: Introduction to Engi... Melda N Yildiz
11/16/2015 12:00 Supporting Global Education in the Media... Daryl Weakland - School L
11/16/2015 12:00 VIOLA--Values In Our Lives Always... Mr Drew Buddie
11/16/2015 13:00 KEYNOTE: "Learning With the World throu... Tonya Muro
11/16/2015 14:00 Creating Global Citizens in the 21st Cen... Chantelle Kohn, Program D
11/16/2015 14:00 Faculty Inspiring World-Ready Educators:... Patricia Talbot, Associat
11/16/2015 14:00 Global Food Security Resources: Collabor... Jane Hunt, Education Cons
11/16/2015 14:00 Nuggets from the Gold Mine: Resources an... Jay Harris, President and
11/16/2015 15:00 Educación Expandida: Creación colaborati... Profesora Cristina Velázq
11/16/2015 15:00 Generation Global: Navigating Difference... Mrs. Muna Abbas
11/16/2015 15:00 We Can Change the Picture With The "Matr... Tracy Hanson, Founder
11/16/2015 16:00 CLOSING KEYNOTE: "Learnings with and fro... Gavin Dykes
11/16/2015 17:00 Closing Session... Closing Session

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